Friday, June 25, 2010

Fußball is getting better and better

…and now, am competing against my senior engineer with the predictor game. Funny, the guys at Germany are so happy to know me and my senior engineer are so addicted to soccer… I hope I win against him, hahaha!

sana 1-10 din lang ako

Kasi ayun ang senior engineer ko, out na at tumatakbo na puntang Greenbelt para manood ng World Cup, habang ako ay naghihintay pa ng oras para matapos ang shift ko… Inggit ako!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

and that's his concept of "fresh movie ideas"

i was surprised to see this on the website that my bf gave me this evening. i love pocahontas... and i still do! and now, avatar shows resemblance to pocahontas?!?! interesting!

think am really getting old

This afternoon, I boarded a bus on my way to the office. Recently, I have been enjoying more the long drive rather than the faster way to get to Makati. So there, I seated at the farthest seat of the bus when I heard somebody called me: “Ate Cy!” Two seats away from me, I saw her, Cheche. I am not sure though if she’s still called with that name, for I had been using that name when she was still in grade school, and now, she’s also working. When she got off from the bus at the MRT station, it made me realize a thing: “am I really that old now?” Cheche is such a beautiful, working young lady, when the last time we had talked, she was in grade school and I was a sophomore I think, sixth grade to be exact, and told me they were moving to Manila for good. Not only her, last Holy Week, my cousin introduced someone to me: Rose Anne. She is now a college student! How time flies, she was that little, crybaby in Kindergarten before, and now she’s… a college student?!?!


Not only people made me think I am growing old, but another one is this invasion of jejemons that makes me puke. One of my nieces usually write this way when she leaves comments on my Facebook photos or wall, and I actually told her to never use that style ever again, because if she does, UST would not accept her as Com Arts student 3 years from now, nor would Texas accept her if she wants to live with Tita Thel. I think I am old for all stuffs that young people enjoy, mainly the jeje-speak.


So, am I really getting old?

pag bigla na lang kinagat ng katam-

Mula nung Lunes, tamad na tamad ako, Well, may rason naman
nung mga nagdaang 3 araw kung bakit: sa di malamang kadahilanan, hinahapo ako
sa loob ng 3 araw. Hapo na matutulad ko sa mga pinagdadaanan ko nung 2 taon pa
lang ako, di makahinga at masakit ang dibdib. As a brief background, opo, may
sakit ako sa puso. Pero sabi sa akin nung 12 taon na ko, okay na ko, wala na
dapat ipangamba. Pero, bakit ngayon, after 15 years, nararamdaman ko na naman
ang mga sintomas na pinaka-ayoko.
Kaya, takot man ako,
kelangan ko na namang pumunta sa klinika ng cardiologist sa Sabado. Anyway,
tama na ang usapan tungkol sa puso ko, kasi natatakot na naman ako. Ngayon
naman, tamad pa din ako, pagkat inaantok ako dahil sa gamot na ininom ko para
sa sakit ng ngipin. Opo, pangalawang reklamo ko ang ngipin ko. Oh well,
kasalanan ko naman ito.
Sabi ng dentist ko, suotin ang
retainers NANG WALANG PALYA sa loob ng 3 buwan tapos ay check up ako ulit, pero
1 linggo ko lang sinuot ang retainers at tinambak na sa loob ng 2 buwan. At
naalala ko na next week, check up ko na naman, kaya ngayong umaga ay sinuot ko
na ulit ito, pag napapansin ko na nagsusungki na naman ang mga ngipin ko, at
VOILA! Nagsungki nga sila, pagkat dati naman ay di masakit pag sinusuot ko ang
retainers, pero ngayon ay sobra sa sakit na wala na kong ganang magtrabaho, at
gusto ko na lang ay humiga at matulog para makalimutan ang lahat ng sakit na
ito. Tapos tinext ko ang dentista ko at umamin na di ko sinuot ang retainers ko
at ngayon ay sobrang sakit at parang sumungki na naman ang upper at lower teeth
ko. Ang naiisip nyang solusyon: IBALIK ANG BRACKETS KO!


Sana Byernes na, pagod na pagod na kasi ako para sa linggong
ito. At higit sa lahat, sana
March 2011 na, pagod na pagod na kasi ako sa trabahong ito. Feeling ko nabobobo
na ko dito, masasabi ko na wrong move ata ang pag-alis ko ng Hitachi. Financially, oo, naging okay ako dito:
ipod, cam, 3 cellphone, sofa, queen-size bed, bahay at lupa – lahat yan
nabili ko dahil sa paglipat ko dito sa trabaho ko. Pero napatunayan ko na di
lang lahat ng pagttrabaho ay dahil gusto kong kumita ng malaki. Kelangan ko ng
trabaho na masaya talaga ko at gusto ko ang ginagawa, di yung tipong uupo lang
ako buong araw kausap ang laptop.
Oo, mahal ko ang wikang
Aleman, pero di ang ganitong uri ng trabaho para magamit ko ang wikang Aleman. Sana
March 2011 na, para malaya na ko.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ride Far, Ride Free...

... but sadly, even the nearest destination has a corresponding fare!

Anyway, just want to share the random things I wrote in my companion notebook for the last two days...

*I realized that I need that book called "1001 Pitfalls in German". That book that I kept on ignoring at Powerbooks! Jetzt, habe ich neuen Grund zur (nach?) Powerbooks bald besuchen!

*Germany left me so disappointed yesterday! Was passiert DE?

*What's happening to the environment? Last night, I saw LANZONES and DALANDAN (seasonal fruits in the Philippines, which normally are for October and December respectively) along the sidewalks of MUNOZ MARKET.

*DXL774, Greenstar Bus, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BUS AND FIX WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! Smoke belcher to the nth power!!! - I'm serious on this one. Who should I call to report smoke belchers?

Friday, June 18, 2010

When the Mind Started to Wander Far and Wide

Two days ago, while I was so bored in a bus, I thought of something educational (for me) to do. The idea came to me when I saw this sign (not the actual photo, I was not fully equipped that night to capture the photo inside the bus, with me was only my calculator-like-cherry mobile phone and my old gen ipod nano) by the bus's door:

Then, I thought, "why not learn my German through the streets?" So, I tried to translate that to German. Here are some SUDDEN thoughts when I attempted to translate it inside the bus:

>> Keine Verk�ufer erlaubt!<< -- Okay, the noun used is correct, my boyfriend said it is "grammatically correct" but he didn't mentioned any other way for it to be correct.

And I just realized now the other way to put it into German language, I just don't know if this statement is grammatically correct:

>> Hier darf man nicht verkaufen!<< -- Can someone confirm if this is correct?

Having said that, I realized one thing: ICH MUSS AUF DEUTSCH DENKEN!

As much as I wanted to pursue the language as soon as possible, there are a lot of hindrances, such as:

1. Goethe's Saturday class for A2 will be on August till November (too long!).
2. Goethe's MWF class was finished and the next one will begin on July 5, BUT! The class will be in the afternoon, at 1pm (I can't join them for an obvious reason: I HAVE WORK!)
3. Berlitz conversational class would only be for beginners, and the class is not yet formed, there are not enough students! They offer me one-on-one classes, but I am after the conversational learning in a bigger group! My boyfriend can give me that one-on-one session on Skype everyday!
4. No other language schools (paging Bridge and ACFL!) have replied to me again.

So, when no other option come in handy, I will be forced to enroll for August classes again, never mind if it's taking long for 2.1, I'll start the 2.2 immediately on October or November and 2.3 by January. I just wish that the instructor for Saturday classes will be not my instructor in 1.3 ...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

why do the most important ideas pops at the most unexpected time?

...which leaves me now with nothing to write again.This afternoon, I was filled with thoughts, but sadly, all my blogs are not allowed at work, so I just conditioned myself and said "later, you can write it all." But the result was not how I expected it to be... I cannot remember the reason why I wanted to blog in the first place...

... I just hope that the games tonight at the World Cup would be towards me... Rupert is someone to beat at this time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

life has been good to me after all

these past few days i felt so depressed and almost gave up... i even chose not to report for work for days, i got sick by simply thinking on what's been going on in my life... it was not that easy... funny i even thought of resigning for good... but then i realized, it won't help me... so now, am going back to work... pick up the pieces and go on...

thanks to my love for always being there to help me out in my life... without his help, i don't know where i am now... am so glad i met him in my life...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

trying to get back on track

i was thinking of changing this site totally into our site... but then, there would be a lot of changes to be done... so i decided to create a different one...

so there! the link to our site is:

of course, it's still under construction so expect very little things in there...

till next time!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

how would i write my resignation?

Dear Mr.____,

This is not yet formal though, I just want to ask some thing that could help me come up with the decision. We are all aware about my 2-year contract with you, however, in the recent days, I noticed my work load is becoming less and less. I am wondering maybe, you are already considering an early termination of my contract? You don't have to worry, I will be fine with that. No hurtful feelings. All I want to ask as a favor from you relating to this early termination is to write a letter (an email will do) to my immediate manager here, Ms._________, and inform her that you want to reduce the number of your representative here in my country. And also please include that whatever amount is left unpaid due to this early termination of my contract, will be waived (I think this is normal, for I will be terminated, not a voluntary resignation, though in a way is the same because I am asking for this early termination right now) and that my service will only be good until the end of this Fiscal year.

However, if you do not want this idea of mine and you are thinking of sending me back for training, I suggest that you scrap that idea now. It is because I will be tendering my formal resignation effective January 2011. Everything will only be a waste of time, I think.

Please do not think that I am not happy working with you. I am happy that I had an opportunity to work with you and the team. I came up with this decision, not only because of deteriorating number of work load, but also because I am missing my old life, my real career. I miss working with the beakers, test tubes, flasks, bunsen burners, HPLC, GC, IR, UV-Vis, Moisture equipment. I miss doing assays, protein synthesis, elemental analysis, chromatography, quality control, quality assurance protocols. I miss creating laboratory reports to be sent to various companies and government sectors. I miss the real life of a chemist. Paper works are enough for me. This is not the world I studied to work in my whole life.

I am hoping for your understanding and support.


your stubborn employee

*will he grant my request? will i be freed earlier than planned? will a typical german understand my use of english words or should i change it to sound more pleasing and convincing?&nbsp;

i really suck writing resignation letters!*

Monday, June 7, 2010

think first before you speak

best lesson i have learned the hard way... i always have that tendency to speak what's on my mind when i am irritated, mad, angry, excited, and any other extreme emotions... the last time was yesterday... that one line that changed everything in my life... one line that brought karma into me...

i should have think first before i said anything yesterday, no matter how mad i was... and now, damage had been done... i cannot get back the words said... the hurtful words uttered... the promises made... i just ruined everything...

i wish there's still  a way to mend the wounds made by my sharp words...

i wish there's still a chance to change the promises made and create a more humane, and happy one...

i never really want to be alone... maybe yesterday i was, but not for the rest of my life...

i wish i can still correct all the wrong things and words i've said...

but i think everything's too late...

... and i just feel so wasted that it makes me so sick...

i am hoping for my own fairy tale...

i was checking on the latest posts by my blogger friends till i got to bianx's (naks! close?)  latest post. while reading it, i told myself, wow! "sakto!"

i myself is in a long distance relationship for 1 year and 5 months now to be exact... i thought everything is going on smoothly between us... till just recently, we were hit by a terrible test of love... as his date of vacation approaches, i too have mixed emotions... excitement... happiness... fear... fear that lead to something he never expected, which i myself didn't expect from myself as well...

i had petty fight with my mom this weekend, which ended with my sudden outburst of "i don't want to go to Germany! nor to any country in particular!" mom was shocked, and me as well. she asked if there is problem between me and U, i said no, the only reason is her. being an only child, i think it is normal that we fear of losing our parents... i have that fear, that if i go and settle in Germany, i'm afraid that i will never ever see her again... see, my reason for not wanting to leave Philippines is because of mom, not because of my love for U...

but i know at the back of his mind, after hearing this sudden decision, he's thinking that i don't love him anymore... i do love him... i do want to wake every morning beside him... i do want to patch this distance between and be just right at his side... i miss him a lot, that's for sure... but i am not sure if i am all ready to turn my back and join him and make my own family in germany...

now, i don't know what to do... i am standing by a single strand balancing between my mom and U... each day is dragging and it's making it harder and harder for me... but i don't want to let go any of them... i have imagined my life with U... but with mom's own fears, i only keep on holding back... i cannot think of moving forward, i am so afraid myself...

i wish i could have my own fairy tale... i wish that like pat and pepel, we can also make it through and be able to establish our own family... i wish i could have the strength and the courage to do so...

i love them both... and it's just so hard to choose...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

what happened in a week deserves a place here...

here's a summary of what had transcend the whole week, which i think, each deserve an individual blog, but i feel lazy to write one...

1. my best friend would be coming back home from the Caribbean! Cayman Island to be exact... do i smell lotsa party at Lipa City again?!?!

2. we are still grieving for the lost of a good friend... and i kinda wonder now how life would be for us in the theater...

3. the employees' turn over in our team is alarming! resignation letters come one after the other... latest one: a good friend of mine, a chemist as well.. and she's barely 6 months with us... so sad...

4. it's june, and the rainy season had already begun... goodbye Mr. Sun, hello wonderful rain... though i hate it when it suddenly pours while i'm waiting for my ride to work, i look so "kaawa" even if my day has barely started...

5. kinda wondering as early as now how i am gonna start my life in Germany... time moves fast, it's catching up on me, am afraid i might not yet ready when it hits me... can you please slow down a bit?
6. i saw the price of Hyundai Getz from my uncle... it kinda tempts me, less than half a million in the philippines for a brand new one? and of course, cheaper at Amazon... not bad for a first car, and i so love its colors! but i need to learn how to drive first... ;-)
7. the dream of having an SLR is still alive! i'm really dying to have one... but of course, my uncle adviced me to get the car first before anything else... hmmm, are you willing to buy that for me, uncle? i promise, i'll pay you when i get the money... *wink*wink*
8. told everyone, including my boyfriend, that i'm gonna do some self-learning of the German language (Niveau A2) but up to this time, I have not yet started with my copy of Lagune Kursbuch 2 and Lagune Arbeitsbuch 2... now this makes me feel guilty...
9. and i noticed i am somewhat enjoying this Amazon thingy on my blog! hahaha!
10. and to just complete the number up to 10 (i don't want incomplete numbers!) i wonder why my facebook won't start again on me... :'(

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We Will Miss You, Ate Judee

I first met her in the year of 1998, that was also the first time that I got really involved in any Church activity. She's the one who never fails to smile to everybody. She's a sister for all. The best friend for some. Always ready with advices. You can call her anytime of the day just to cry. I could not remember how many times I cried on her shoulder. She never fails to understand. And no matter how bad you feel, everything will be lighter in the end, after speaking with her. She's the sister I never had.

Ever since I knew her, I knew she's special. She had heart by-pass long ago. You can see the scar by her chest. Even if her heart sometimes fails on her, she never fails to LOVE. She loves us. We are all her siblings. Their house is always open for us. Morning till night, we can run to her for advices, we can even sleep there. She's also gifted with a gift of healing, she can remove the pains and ailing with just a touch of her caring hands. Sadly, she cannot heal herself.

And today, the news came out. She's left our world. Her heart failed on her for the nth time, this time, the help for her was late. She joined our Creator and ended all her pains. It saddened me. Teatrong Kumot lost a great adviser. JMY lost a great leader. And we lost a great sister. I never expected that parting would be that fast for us. The last time we talked was on the evening of Holy Thursday, she was still happy then. She said she's happy to see me so happy now, that gone are the days when all she could see on me are tears. I told her, yes, I am very much happy and blessed, for I finally found my happiness. And she even said she too, do found her happiness. She even mentioned of plans of wedding. That was the last talk we had. After that, I failed on communicating with her.

As I write this down, I cannot help not to cry. It seems like something was taken out of me. Seems like my life is not that complete anymore. It feels like a part of me had left, and I knew, it would never come back again. A part of my smile was taken away. A very good friend and sister was taken away from me.

But I know, I should be happy as well. For I know she's reunited with our Creator. The only Guy  she had loved and served all her 29 years of existence. That despite all the trials she went through, she remained clinging by the arms of Jesus, and it's the greatest lesson I've learned from her: NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT LIFE MAYBE, CRY IF YOU MAY, BUT NEVER LET GO OF HIS HAND. SOMEWHERE, HE CREATED SOMEONE TO MAKE THOSE TEARS GONE. SOMEONE OUT THERE IS MEANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY AND MAKE THE BURDEN LIGHTER.

Thank you, Ate Judee for the gift of friendship and love. Thank you for always being there for us. Thank you for listening and crying with me. Thank you for saying how stupid we may seem or how wrong we are on what we're doing. Thank you for teaching us the way to Christ. Thank you for teaching us to remain faithful despite all the trials. Thank you for treating me, Nerai, Major, Icoy, Tano and the rest of the Teatrong Kumot as your brothers and sisters. our times at Teatro and JMY were truly the golden years of the organization. Thank you for bringing the smile and the light atmosphere to the group. You will forever be missed, I'm sure of that. But rest assured, no matter where you are, you will forever be in our hearts.

You will always be the one and only Ate Judee, our confidante, sister and best friend.

This photo was, I guess, our last photo together with Kuya Onad, Ate Anna and Phia taken last year before the Cenakulo. Those China-eyes, and that sweet smile, I'll surely miss. Even now, I am missing her already. Credits for the photo to Phia.

Friday, May 28, 2010


while waiting for the caffeine in my system to subside, here are some random thoughts on my mind:

- i've been addicted to the GG book series recently (am i that late bloomer?) though i've seen the series not that much, i guess i need to do a marathon... hmmm, maybe my vacation on september with U would be good time to do the marathon?
- i traveled back to my high school days through my mind and i realized one thing: i am blair, and karen was serena... she's the head turner, laid back person and i am a little serious and MEAN towards her... how many times did we actually fought and i was so sure i can turn my back on her forever, but she never did... and what more? we also had our "nate"... how i miss those days... and funny, i screwed up at "Yale U" as well (not really Yale, it's actually UP,haha!)...
- i'm feeling bored with facebook, and just out of boredom, i reset my password at myspace and friendster (yes, i still have those dormant accounts!) and funny how i'm enjoying myspace all over again... maybe soon this's going to be "Goodbye Facebook" as well?
-checking on my friendster, i confirmed what my cousin told me about a good friend from childhood, and i feel sad for him... how i want to send him a message and show him that he still got friends around to support him as he goes through all these sad events of his marriage life...but i chose not to... he'll buzz me if he needs some advice and help... for now, i'll just watch him from a distance...
-as days go by, i'm getting more and more bored with my job... i mean, c'mon, is there nothing new for me to do? i want some challenging stuffs to do! like say solve complicated problems happening along the process line... oh well, maybe i'm just missing the manufacturing life, no, correction, I TERRIBLY MISS MANUFACTURING LIFE...
- i think caffeine is working out of my system now, my eyes are getting heavy... gotta end this non-sense blog now...

you know you love me...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

when i was young and 13

… I was on first year in high school…

… I almost didn’t make it for the school year because of my health condition…

… I had a service going to the school…

… I was still wearing lumbar braces to correct my scoliosis… sadly, it didn’t help…

… Our classroom was on the first floor, same floor and room I had when I was in first grade (seriously!)…

… I kept a diary wherein one key is with my best friend…

… I and my best friend fought that lasted for a month or two…

… I used the Johnson’s baby cologne heaven scent…

… I ate mango for breaks and donut for lunch…

… I finally knew how it felt not to be part of the students with honors just because I suck in Math (it didn’t change, anyway)…

… I had a friend who treated me as her best friend but I cannot treat her back as a best friend, she was just a friend for me, just like everybody else…

… I was classmates with my long-time crush and was the first time to talk with him again after the misunderstanding in fifth grade…

… I chose to be part of the computer geeks instead of pursuing the theater that I had joined in sixth grade…

… I realized I was not really a computer geek so I ended up doing nothing but chat with my friends during club meetings, simply known as members of “TAKAS CLUB” (Fugitive Club)*…

… To remove my name from the wanted list of Takas Club, I joined a program of computer geeks, who went out for intensive training of web design and virtual reality with STI College professors, but I didn’t learn anything, I just joined them because it entails us going out of the campus…

… I wrote hundreds of poems but I had lost it all, why? It’s because I had it all written on pieces of scratch papers, books I borrowed from the library, back of my notebooks and tissue papers…

… I forgot to say that I wrote my poems on desks at Music room and computer room as well as on computers saved as screen savers, too (I was a princess of vandalism)…

… I went out of campus with my best friend without my mom knowing it, and I was reprimanded when I got home because my service got there first…

… I turned into someone I never thought I could be: stubborn, mean, aggressive…



And now that I’m 26, I wish I can go back to that time when I’m 13, not to correct mistakes and crazy acts I did, but to add more on the list…



*Takas Club or Fugitive Club is an illegitimate organization in our campus whose members are always wanted by teachers and nuns for not joining or attending any legitimate organization, when caught, they are sanctioned with community service punishment.

ich bin Goethe geprüft!

…says the shirt that I got from Goethe Institut this afternoon. As per my teacher in 1.2, that shirt is given to those who passed the exam with flying colors. And yes, the wait is over, I got my certificate, I can apply for Visum anytime, I PASSED THE START DEUTSCH 1 exam!


But I cannot apply yet, I still have contract with my company. I need to finish this contract first before I step forward. With this certificate at my hand, other things started to pile on my mind. There is the feeling of fear and excitement. Fear that I will not survive in Germany. Fear that I will be leaving the things I get used to behind and excitement that I will be treading a path totally new for me. I just hope all will go well with me and my family.


I love the weather today. The sun is up, but it’s not scorching hot. I was able to walk around Salcedo Village without opening my umbrella. The wind seems cool at my skin. I can smell the coming of rainy days. And the weather is as beautiful as the news that I got from Goethe Institut.


Ich bin Goethe geprüft!!! ^_^

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

one reason why i hate summer....

 i'm ALWAYS pissed off...

just like tonight... as much as possible that i don't want to sound so rude towards my mom, i just can't help it. am so irritated... my brows tend to meet. i'm very difficult to fact, it is like NOTHING PLEASES ME... i'm starting to hate everyone equally... seems like no one takes me seriously...

could all these be due to the hot weather? or could this be some sort of hormonal imbalance?

i don't know, all i know is i don't want to listen to anyone. :(

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I miss Germany, so much that it makes me cry...

I don't know if this thing I am doing helps... I was only about to update my iPod, but then, my iTunes is not cooperating... So there, I ended up with old songs, and now, listening to Radio FFN.

Even if I don't really understand the ads and the DJ, I decided to stay tuned longer than planned. I suddenly missed Germany, to the extent that I am teary-eyed now. I miss Germany so much that I want to be there right now, as in NOW NA! How I wish Germany is just out there, just a bus away, but it isn't, and the fare is way expensive for me to visit it anytime I want.

I had my performance appraisal today as well. My senior engineer seems to be planning a new training for me, to make me more efficient, yes, there's too little work load for me. It is good plan, for it includes of course going back to Germany, but I guess I would have to decline when it comes. I want to be in Germany for good, not just a month or two. There are a lot of places in Germany that I want to see, things I want to experience, which, business trips would not allow me to experience.

Germany is my second home. It is so dear to my heart next to Batangas. In fact, I love it more than Manila where I was born and lived half of my life.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Philippine Fruit You'd Surely LOVE!

It has been 16 years since i last saw and ate this fruit. I remember in 4th grade,we get these from the tree at the convent.

I call it Philippine apple,but of course it is not. I missed it so much! Thanks to my couz for bringing me these from their backyard.

Makopa, anyone?

Monday, May 10, 2010

have you done your part?

Early this morning, I headed to precinct to cast my votes. There are pro’s and con’s, as always, with this new system. As expected, the predicted “fast” system turned out to be slower than the old system. We cannot blame it though to the system. I watched and timed the PCOS machine when I submitted my ballot, it was fast, it was around 35 seconds before it said “Congratulations!...” Now, some may ask, why then are the lines so long this time? Some had complained standing there since 6 in the morning and just finished at around 8 in the morning. It is because, I think, and this is only in my opinion; there is a need for more COMELEC officials in the precinct. In our place alone, they merged 5 precincts, each with around 180-200 voters, and the officials were just 4. Only one officer hands the ballots and watches/ helps the voters with the PCOS machine. Three of them searches for the names of the voters on the list and applies the indelible ink. It was disaster in that part. But the automated machine was okay, it was fast and according to my cousin who is a poll watcher, is indeed accurate based on their trial votes last night.

Despite the flaws, well, it is indeed expected, one that we commonly term as “birth pains”, I am glad that the election pushed through. I have exercised my right (as seen on the photo, but my cousin who’s one of the COMELEC officials in my precinct was so excited to put indelible ink on me, it was too much!) and I am looking forward for a brighter future for the country.

How about you? Have you done your part? Vote wisely…

By the way, C2 500mL bottle is only Php10.00 at 7-eleven, just show your mark. ;-)

it's so much fun!

i never expected this election to be so much fun. despite the failure found on the last days before the election, the automated election was still a success. it was difficult, but as the day went by, naayos naman lahat. though some places encountered last minute failures with the PCOS machine, and some have to stay for 5 hours falling in line just to cast their votes, the wait was all worth it. here are some funny wits taken from this recently concluded election, truly, filipinos can find ways to laugh despite all the mishaps:

1. @PCOSmachine created a twitter account! better check him out, he's so funny, i mean, it is so funny, machine nga pala sya, not a human.
2. together with @PCOSmachine is @cfcard, and PCOS is blaming cfcard for all the failures, ang kulet lang!
3. funny tag line I read from my cousin's first hand experience: "san ga nagpapalagay ng INCREDIBLE INK?".. turned out that this old lady at San Jose have a counterpart at Lipa, a guy, as mentioned by a friend naman...
4. together with this INCREDIBLE INK, another voter said it this way: "san ga ang naglalagay ng EDIBLE INK". so, after being "incredible hulk" it became something edible..

but @PCOSmachine topped it all... too bad, twitter seems to be hacked by some turkish guy as of this writing, so I cannot follow @PCOSmachine yet... :'(

tomorrow probably is a complete tally of votes. i just hope this would really be for the best of the country. sadly, none of the people I voted for the National election came out yet, except for Bongbong and Recto.

have you done your part?

Early this morning, I headed to precinct to cast my votes. There are pro’s and con’s, as always, with this new system. As expected, the predicted “fast” system turned out to be slower than the old system. We cannot blame it though to the system. I watched and timed the PCOS machine when I submitted my ballot, it was fast, it was around 35 seconds before it said “Congratulations!...” Now, some may ask, why then are the lines so long this time? Some had complained standing there since 6 in the morning and just finished at around 8 in the morning. It is because, I think, and this is only in my opinion; there is a need for more COMELEC officials in the precinct. In our place alone, they merged 5 precincts, each with around 180-200 voters, and the officials were just 4. Only one officer hands the ballots and watches/ helps the voters with the PCOS machine. Three of them searches for the names of the voters on the list and applies the indelible ink. It was disaster in that part. But the automated machine was okay, it was fast and according to my cousin who is a poll watcher, is indeed accurate based on their trial votes last night.

Despite the flaws, well, it is indeed expected, one that we commonly term as “birth pains”, I am glad that the election pushed through. I have exercised my right (as seen on the photo, but my cousin who’s one of the COMELEC officials in my precinct was so excited to put indelible ink on me, it was too much!) and I am looking forward for a brighter future for the country.

How about you? Have you done your part? Vote wisely…

By the way, C2 500mL bottle is only Php10.00 at 7-eleven, just show your mark. ;-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vote for a better future

In few hours the fate of the country would change. Would it be for the better or for the worse? Everything depends in our hands. Vote for someone who understands the meaning of selfless caring and unconditional service to people. Politics is about service, not some form of business. Don't let your dignity be compromised. In the national level, I personally think it is Gordon who got the best resume for this position, therefore, he is my president. All the rest would be staggered choice from all parties.

You are a person with dignity and pride, YOU ARE NOT FOR SALE! Vote wisely! The country depends in you...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

after 12 years, i still miss you...

April 28, 1998: I received a call from a friend in the seminary. The youth camp is scheduled on the 1st of May until 3rd of May at a remote beach resort in Batangas. I was only 14 years old then. Even if I also have the waiver at hand, I was so afraid to ask permission from home. Mom was not around then, she went to the hospital to get your results. You saw the worry on my face, you took the phone and talked to Bro. I saw you seriously talking with him, and then you winked and handed me back the phone. I smiled after saying bye to Bro. That was also the last vivid smile I saw from you.

April 29, 1998: You could hardly stand up from bed. You said it was just the "normal" arthritis attack. I bought that statement, but mom didn't. You asked me if I had given the waiver to mom to sign, you just know how afraid I am of Mom. Mom hesitated to sign at first, but you told her, "let her explore the world outside of this house and of her school, give her the gift of independence." I loved you more on that. Despite the slurry speech that day, you gave me one of the best gifts I could ever have. You forced a smile, but your muscles betrayed you, it ended up like with a twisted lips.

May 1, 1998: I woke up early, ran to your side and hugged you. This day was the start of the youth camp. I will be away for a while. With a little difficulty, you said "take care and enjoy." Those were the last words I you said that I understood. Mom brought me to the meeting place, and left. She said she needs to buy you new set of clothes, but to never mention it to you when I get back. I asked her why, she said it's going to be a surprise. You're going to wear it on the election day.

May 3, 1998: I came back from the camp too late. A little later than what's on the waiver. It's because we had been to a fiesta on our way back. You were asleep already, Mom said that I leave the stories the next day for you were tired. I asked mom if I can sleep in your room, and she agreed. That night, at around 11:00pm, you woke up. I cried. I could not understand not even a single word coming out of your mouth. You were twitching on your bed, but I could not understand what you need. Mom came and helped you up to pee. I cried, as I saw tears running down your cheeks. I cried, as I saw Mom put you back in bed. I saw Mom cried as she wiped away your tears.

May 6, 1998: You gave up on eating. you turned away from medicines. You just kept on sleeping. Even if it was my uncle and aunt's anniversary, there was nothing to celebrate. The house is full of gloom. I held your hand, and you seem not to notice it. You breathe, yet you seems to be so far away. I cried. Mom said, I must stay in my room and do my thing. I ended up finishing the stitches I was making. Sadly, you were not able to see my stitching project done.

May 8, 1998, 2:00 in the afternoon: My cousin went to my room to see my stitching project. She was doing the same design. I was so excited to show her how far I had gone ahead of her. We were chatting, when we heard Mom's cry. We ran to your room, and saw Mom hugging you. Your sister holding the rosary and calling out your name. She kept shouting for you to come back, but you were just there, lying. I saw my auntie hugging Grandma, Grandma is crying, almost collapsing. Uncle told me to call their other siblings and tell them to go home. Then, my cousin made it clear to me, when she hugged me. I just cried. Held your hand and sit by your side as I cry with mom. You were gone.

In two days time it is 12 years since you left us. Almost the same time when you left us, election is about to happen. Even if it has been 12 years now without you, it doesn't change. Every smell of coffee flower reminds me of you, those times when I was small when you would put up the hammock by the coffee tree and we would spend hot summer afternoons there. Every coffee beans that I see being dried reminds me of you, those harvest times when you would bring me with you, and you'd laugh at me as I sort the red coffee beans from yellow, green and orange. I always give up in the end, it's too tedious to sort the beans by color, when we have tens of sacks of coffee beans for drying. The smell of shrimp paste reminds me of you. Those times when you had lost your appetite for anything, and would only eat shrimp paste with your rice. Do you know that I got that appetite from you? I'd rather eat shrimp paste with my rice than eat those fatty foods on the table. I remember you every summer, and all the times we had shared harvesting your crops and visiting your brothers while you teach me ride my bike. I remember you every May as you choose the best flowers for me to offer to the altar. I remember you every Santacruzan and how proud you are to see me and my cousins as part of the queens and princesses. The time that you left us, that was also when we lose interest on such event. I remember you on rainy days and how you would put on my rain jacket and rain boots and bring me around barangay with you. Because of you, a lot of people know who I am, but I could not remember, even their nicknames.

I remember you now that election is fast approaching. You were the one who instilled the political and history interest in me. I remember those times when the candidates would end up not finishing their visits because they enjoyed talking with you so much. I remember you every time I write an article or poem. You were my first fan, and I thank you for that. I remember you when I hear the radio. You were the one who taught me to tune in on the radio when I have nothing else to do. I remember you on Christmas season, and how our house is always filled with visitors, mostly are friends of yours. Since you left us, the house is hardly filled by people like how it used to be when you were here.

I remember you always, Mamay. And I will always remember you, no matter how many years would pass. 

You will always be remembered and loved.

Monday, May 3, 2010

what would you do if...

… your best friend since fourth grade was gone for quite sometime, no not sometime, but for such a long time. And after years being gone, he’s back with a news. Such a breaking news… and that news entails about a change in his personality you’ve known for 17 years: He’s GAY…


What would your reaction be?


If you’re going to ask me, my initial reaction was LAUGHTER AND TEARS. I don’t know how to respond correctly.


Luckily, everything was a JOKE.


Bwisit na chaboy yan!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

For You, A Thousand Times Over

Hosseini succeeded on whatever he had on his mind when he wrote this great book. I may be tagged as a “late bloomer” for only being able to read this book just now, but I don’t think it has something to do with the time one reads this. And after reading this, I will definitely read this over and over again.

Set in the old Afghanistan, it clearly pictured how beautiful the country of Afghanistan was, and how happy people are. I had a little immersion on the lives of our Muslims brethrens, and how some does not really live up based on the Koran, but are living according to what they know is right and just. I guess that’s the best thing in the world. Regardless of what religion one has, the important thing is that everyone understands and knows the difference between right and wrong. Frequent bows for prayer are not everything. To be the best person, one must learn how to humble himself, regardless of the statute, regardless of the ancestry. The Lord (Allah for some, or Jehovah, or Yahweh) had created us all equally, and gave this world as a gift for us to live in. If people know how to humble themselves, then peace is never far behind. Thanks to this book, it opened a lot of truths to me. It helped me see more beyond these wars. If given a chance, I would want to see Afghanistan, back to its old glory, back to the old Afghanistan before the Russians came and set off the first canon ball.

It kinda overwhelmed me and filled my senses with a lot of imaginations. I never thought nor imagined that Afghanistan used to be a paradise for some, until Russians came and called for war. I never thought that there are people who, for once were heroes, and then turned out to be persecutors at the end. I'm afraid and at the same time curious on what Philippines would be in the future, Mindanao in particular. This crazy war are just senseless, and useless. All people just wants peace. I just could not understand how some people can keep their ears deaf from all the cries of babies born in the middle of war, who would grow up orphaned. Or kids whose fathers were killed while they were busy climbing the trees. The haven that most people used to enjoy had turned to dusts. It's sad, but the reality is right here, in front of us.

It is sad that out there, some of our brothers are still engaged in this endless battle. No one knows when this would probably stop, or what can put these wars to an end. How I wish, and pray, that these wars would end, and peace would reign in this wonderful world again.

I’d definitely read this book over and over again. And I wish every time I turn the pages of this book, openness and peace would come out and embrace us all. If only it is possible, I would definitely turn the pages over and over million times.

To our brothers and sisters who are victims and prisoners of this endless war, my prayers and thoughts are always with you. I’ll pray and wish for peace for you and for the whole world. Like Hassan’s message to Amir:

For you, a thousand times over!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i never thought i missed you so badly

thought i heard you knocking by my window...
or was it a pebble to catch my attention...
i immediately leaped and run to see you...
and smile as i see thy hair flow...

i smiled as i watch people along the streets
walking through you and smile
bet it's not only i who missed you
but there are millions of us that do...

how i wish you'd stay longer
pamper me with sweet sound of you
as you trickle down and sing me songs
to lay me down to sweet slumber...

how i wish i can feel you more
with the cold air touching me
giving me the joy and relaxation
that i have missed for so long...

oh my dear rain, please stay
pour down and water these poor souls
let us be free from all the heat and pain
let us be able to dance with you again...

-me talking to the first drops of rain of Summer-

books... books and more books!

I love books. I find happiness reading them. I feel more like myself when I am surrounded with books, regardless of their themes, or who wrote them. Books are my life. If given a chance, I want to work in a bookstore; there I would be surrounded by books most of my time. I would then be in heaven.


Despite numerous of unread books at home, I always cannot go out of Powerbooks store without any book at hand, even if the main reason I went inside is to check on their latest book acquisition. And leaving the store is the hardest part of all. For all the books I so dream of having are all there.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Want to Go Back to School!

Here I go again with a lot of things I wanna do in my life. Latest want: Masters in Human Resource Management!


I checked on the website of UST regarding this curriculum, however, there is this certain prerequisite subjects that I did not have during my college days even if I am from UST as well. These subjects are only given at Faculty of Arts and Letters, I think. So that’s the only thing that is hindering me to pursue it, for I do not have ample time to attend these classes with regular students of AB… I wonder if this curriculum can be taken at any VHS (Volkshochschule) in Germany, however, I also want to take Germanistic Studies.


So many things I want to do. I just don’t know which way to go. L

Saturday, April 24, 2010

schlechtest Wochenende

i hate this weekend... i dunno what made me feel such, could it be this hot weather? or there really is some reason to be pissed off to the nth level.

i have to drive to batangas tomorrow after conditioning my mind that i won't be traveling this week. i got all plans set for tomorrow, now all has gone to waste.

another thing is that i feel like i'm always last on his list. and it feels so bad... :'(

Friday, April 23, 2010

when all i can do is dream...

even if i still got 10 months and 29 days to go before my contract ends, i'm already dreaming of that day when i am out of my contract for real, strolling along the streets of Biebergemünd, flying to Köln and Berlin...  go visit princess ody at Wien... so many things in mind, yet, the time is so far away... for before i can do all those stuff, i need to be out of my bond first, and of course, carry a certification that i can actually understand their language, granted they'll speak slow, (and when i say slow that means sssssssssslllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwww).

but even if i dream alot for those days in Deutschland, i still get overwhelmed when job starts to pile in front of me. i dunno, i'm not a workaholic type of person, in fact, i'm all set to leave the office right on the dot, and i hate working on weekends. but when they put a lot of work in front of me (but spare me from 20-page or more of German reports PLEASE!), i get excited to work, and i would always want to start on it fast. why did i say this thing here? it's because i just came from a meeting with my fellow QMS, and despite all my rants in the past about being part of this team, i felt excited seeing the time table of what we should accomplish this fiscal year until next year. only when i was back at my station and checked on the details and i remembered it all again. next year, i might be gone... how will all these progress? i feel guilty that i might leave myra alone on this project... and i have thought, i should have not volunteered to be a part of the team that could understand what i really want to do in my life, in my career.

so many things i want to do and places i want to be at... i wish i can get all these things done in time... it feels much much better to see all my dreams become reality...

okay, seems like my blog is going nowhere... i'm losing my thoughts, my writings seems to be not coherent anymore... please bear with me...

einen lustigen Kaufen

Ich bin so früh heute, so ich gehe erst zu Booksale, ein Buchladen mit gutes Angebot. Ich suche für Dean Koontz Buch „From the Corner of His Eye“ aber sie haben es nicht. Was finde ich dort ist andere. In ein Bücherbrett für Kinder, ich finde das (sehe das Foto). Ich hab nicht voll Titel in Foto weil dass wo die lustige Teil ist.

Während bin ich in Buchladen, ich denke so oft was das letztes Wort meint. Aber mein Zeit ist nicht so viel, so habe ich das gekauft (es ist so selten, dass ich ein Deutsch Buch finde hier) und zum Zug laufe ich (noch mein Gedanke in Buch Titel).

Bei MRT, ich sitze und lese, dann lache ich. Endlich, ich erriner mich was das Wort meint! Danke für das Foto am Seit 40,5 (zwischen Seit 40 und 41), ich erriner mich mein Vokabel.

I do have a VERY POOR GERMAN VOCABULARY! And it gave me an endless laugh for getting this book that I don’t think I would need all my life, not even if I make a career change in the near future.

Curious what I had bought?

Die Buchtitel ist:   Versteh Dein Pferd (Understanding your Horse)

Another fail experience for me. O_o

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

am supposed to be asleep by now

but am not... am still wide awake at 2:36 in the morning... the sleepy feeling is here, but i chose not to close my eyes... not yet... maybe in 10 minutes or so...

it's been a while since i last wrote here... but it doesn't matter, for nothing significant happened in the past few days... only, the chance of U coming around slid a little further back due to volcanic eruption at iceland, but it's starting to slide forward today again having heard that some airports already opened...

went with my family last saturday for a swim somewhere at san pablo city... of course, it's still at bato springs resort... but i didn't enjoy it... the water was so cold, freezing cold for me, and the maintenance was way too poor now compared to how it was years ago when we first discovered this hidden paradise... i just hope, well, desperately praying, that next year would be different, i hope we'd head to a different place next year... i am just not a real fan of bato springs resort, it's just good for my camera and nothing more...

11 months left and i would finally be free from my contract... i guess i don't have to feel sad if time runs so fast... it's an advantage anyway, march 22, 2011 comes to me faster than i have imagined...

by next month, i'll be taking my SD1 exam... reena took it last week, and she passed! well, according to her, it was "eigentlich einfach!" so maybe, keine Sorgen, i can make it as well... and that gave me a little confidence to take the exam next month... :-)

okay, time to hit the sack... or else, am going to be dead tired at the office later...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

searching for the best template

you're not lost, my dear friends. you are exactly at my site. some may have been wondering why i keep on changing the layout of my site. well, this is all for you as well. a good friend of mine (thanks, wheng! hope to read your blog soon as well...)told me that the past layout was painful to the eyes, so as soon as i got home, i searched for the best layout that will not strain your eyes, my dear readers, and at the same time, design that will speak on behalf of me. but my search was in vain. none exists yet that i can say is exactly me (but i think i used to have that layout before, but i seem to have lost it and i can't remember where to find it now. i'm pretty sure it was not from pyzam, i just don't know where to relocate it again.). and yes, my search is not yet over. maybe one of these days, you'll be surprised to see brand new layout again.

oh, how i wish someone great would give me as a gift one best layout that can describe the real me: abstract/ random, hues of blue, pink and white, nature-loving, musical, mysterious.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Do Time Runs so Fast???

It's Sunday night once again, tomorrow's start of another work week. I hate it. I want to stay more here at home. I feel much, much better when I am home, and only see the people I so love to see. The office is composed of both interesting and uninteresting people, and the ambiance is becoming boring...

Anyway, A2,1 is dissolved, I think. None of my former classmates are proceeding with the class, so this semester, it is possible that the level is out. I have decided, finally, to take the exam on the 24th of May. It is the best date, for it is holiday in Germany, then I do not need to hurry on my exams. I think God is giving me reasons to take the exams ASAP.

There are a lot of out-of-town plans, on Saturday is for my Uncle's birthday celebration, and on the 29th of May would be with my German class classmates. I am so excited. This is the kind of out of town I so love to join in, activity wherein the people I would go with are people I love to be with, people that I know, I would very much enjoy the company. I wish my days are filled with these people, day and night.

Friday, April 9, 2010

To Enroll or Not to Enroll in A2.1

The semester for A1.3 has finally ended. I finished the course with only 7 weeks attended out of the 12 weeks it ran. I feel like I wasted my money enrolling for that semester. Now, the question is, should I enroll for the next course, the second level (A2.1)? Im afraid I might not be able to attend all sessions again. It is mainly because the time is in the morning. It is difficult to wake up at 6 in the morning on Saturday, when you got home as late as 1am from work. I am thinking of doing it all by myself, since, thats how I coped up last semester, by self-study.

I wonder why dont they provide afternoon class on Saturday for someone like me.

Hooray to Great People Who Endured the Death March!

Today is Philippines' legal holiday, and it is called Day of Valor. It reminds us of World War II incident wherein all males of the country, at least all, I am not sure with the numbers though, marched all the way to Bataan. A lot died along the way, due to thirst and hunger and violent death through Japanese bayonets. It was hell, it seems like Filipinos were marching to hell, and women are watching parade of men dragged to their death. It was hell, it was sad, it was painful to see. Today, we reminisce and give credits to all their sufferings for the people of the country.

Wherever they may be, I'm sure they are all looking down on us with a smile. I just hope that the government would do their best to bring the country to the top again. It is the only way we can return the favors to our ancestors who fought for this freedom that we all experience.

Let us not only remember the courageous and the virtuous on this day. Let everyday be an offering to the great men of Bataan, and let it guide us to a better future as a DEMOCRATIC country.

ich bin ein bisschen frustriert...

Where am i heading my life to? I don’t know. Ich mag nicht mehr als Chemikerin als Ingenieurin ich mag nicht auch... ich mag als Journalistin, ABER, ich weiß nicht wie zu schreiben. I need some help, but I don´t know on which part of my life do I need the particular help. Everything just don´t fall into its right places.

I want to get away from this mysterious Wonderland. I´ve been sleeping for so long

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When You Are Left Without a Choice

For days, waking up and heading to the office seems to be a very difficult task for me. I always end up dragging myself out of bed and head for a bath. I have lost all my interests and motivation on this job. This all started after that meeting wherein I was left without any choice, of being a QMS representative. I remember back in HGST, I did the same thing, but unlike here, all my co-engineers work on their own documents, and have it controlled by themselves, but here, its surprising that all because we were assigned as QMS, they delegated everything on us. This is just crazy! As far as I know, if you have initiated one document, its your responsibility to have it updated when needed and re-apply for control at DCC. I hate it when I write articles/ documents and the name at the end isnt my name. I mean, give credit to whoever it is due! On that article, my names only as a proofreader, NOT AS A CREATOR! You are old enough to know the meaning and corresponding actions when you use the word CREATOR right next to your name! And to add to that, why not practice Lean Management? Since you managed to upload the changes in intranet, why didnt you have that document updated AT THE SAME TIME!?! Its waste of time you know? I guess you need to enroll yourself to Lean Management program.

Okay, I feel better now. Enough of the rants for me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

just passing by on Easter Monday

how long had it been since I had this site updated, i cannot remember. it isn't my home now, multiply had gone away from my life...

Happy Easter!

I'm back! and I was gone for how many days? 5or 6? Anyway, I pampered myself for stress-free days at our province. Though first two days were still stressful, but it was fun! For the second time, I portrayed one important role in our annual Holy Week play. But sadly, I failed this year. Eventhough the result was not to my liking, I did had fun seeing old faces and meeting new faces. Indeed, Teatrong Kumot had been my second family. I missed them. I missed the old times, I missed the people. It seems like decades since we last laughed and shared stories. Some have gone to other countries, but it's heart warming to know that they still do remember us, and did their best to wake (even if it is kinda late at their side) and give us a call and send their good luck. I am not sure, but maybe this is the last year I will be portraying a role, and be with them physically. Soon, I will be like the others, felt only in spirit, for I will also be out of the country soon. Even if it's still a long way ahead, maybe a year away before it happens, I am already missing them. It may be sad for me, and for others I had been so close with, but life goes on. People do come and go. For 10 years, I am the one left behind by people I get to be so close with in the theater, soon, it will be my time to go. But even if I will be miles away from these people I grew up and valued most of my life, they will always be remembered and loved.

Teatro Kumot will always be a family to me.

For photos of our past presentation, click this link:
Album 1

and to know more about our group, visit this link:
Teatrong Kumot

Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to Circus Town!

Have you been to the Philippines, or at least had lived most of your life in this country? Have you experienced this event that I call "Circus"?

I am talking not about the circus show that are normally seen on Fiesta, wherein they showcase rare, and out of this world talents. This circus show has more than those flying trapeze, or  man-eating fire. To give you the clearer picture, let me describe you this circus with some photos I got over the internet:

need i say more? it's colorful!

despite all the notices that the COMELEC gives, that major streets must be cleared from all these paraphernalia, but what do we see everyday? Another sad thing that I noticed were those banners hanging around our barangay hall, bearing some names of politicians. My cousin did mentioned to me also, a very big banner along E.Rodriguez Avenue (yup, it's an AVENUE where it is prohibited) bearing the FACE AND NAME OF THE RICHEST PRESIDENT-WANNABE (you just do the guessing, i would not give a clue, not even if you'd ask me to bathe in a sea of trash).

 (this photo is not current, but from years ago)

Awaken by various cars and trucks and jeepneys playing catchy jingles every now and then. It's no different from a promo car announcing that the circus is coming and will be performing live shows. The only difference is, that these jingles, along the streets and by the TV are painful to my ears (note, I pertained to my ears, this is my personal opinion) and are just empty music. No meaning, no important message, EMPTY. When a music is empty of meaning, it is not a music, but rather NOISE.

and after hours of motorcade aboard a car with hundreds of convoyed supporters, they will go to the slums, shake hands and hug people by the streets, making sure there are eyes to see of course, and camera if possible and after all the hand shakes and hugs and picture taking, they will immediately go back to their cars, close thee door, and utilize bottles of alcohol with squinting eyes. That's what I call...


Funny, these politicians promises a lot of things, including a better environment, but look at how they pollute the country. Look at how messy they make the country look, how can they attract tourism with all these dirt? How they contribute to air and sound pollution. Do they live up to their words? I don't think so. They always make themselves visible on public places, and utter inhumane things against the other candidate, but when the RIGHT PLACE calls for them to have a FACE-OFF (NOTE: HARAPAN 2010), they all turn their backs and give their own alibis. How can the countrymen believe you when you are so afraid to face your opponent and answer impromptu questions from the people?

I love circus. I love the vivid colors and the uniqueness of personality of the people performing for the circus. It alleviates sadness and gives happiness and child-like feeling. But I hate how politics try to be a circus, just to attract people.

I hope these wanna-be's will understand, that politics is not just about attracting voters. POLITICS IS ABOUT DOING SOMETHING FOR THE COUNTRY MEN. You do not need to be from the poor nor be the richest, nor be a son or daughter of a politician or a hero. YOU MUST HAVE A HEART INTENDED FOR THE PEOPLE. YOU MUST HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE LAW AND DEMOCRACY.

As a politician in Philippines, YOU ARE ONLY A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE WHOLE NATION, so do not think that this campaign must always be about you. It must be ABOUT US, FILIPINOS.

Di kelangan na nakaligo ka sa dagat ng basura, o anak ng mabuting lider. Kelangan ng bansa ng taong marunong mamuno sa malinis na paraan, at tuturuan ang bawat Pinoy kung paano iaangat ang kanyang sarili sa kabila ng kahirapan. Hindi kailangan ng Pinoy ng himala o biglaang yaman para lang makaahon sa kahirapan o gutom. Sabi nga ni Jesus Christ, bigyan mo ng isda ang taong nagugutom at sya ay mananatiling gutom, ngunit turuan mo syang mangisda, at  di sya magugutom kaylanman.

Teach men how to fish, teach Filipinos how to alleviate themselves, then, you give the country a big favor. When a Filipino knows how to work for their living, JUAN TAMAD will be just part of the history, then more investors will come. Big investors then will believe, Juan Tamad is dead, Filipinos are worth it to give them jobs. Then, one by one, we can pick up the pieces, and we shall rise again.

We did it before, ask your parents or grandparents who saw it through Marcos's time. He might be a dictator, but he did showed that Filipinos can be disciplined, and are hardworking. Marcos made it possible for the country to be one of the richest in Southeast Asia.

So, fellow Filipinos. It may be Circus time once again. But, I appeal to you, read between the lines. Learn  to read their faces. Look through their hearts. Study what they have done in the past. Use our brains, and not our hearts when voting. Di ka ba nagtataka na preserved talaga ni Villar ang bahay nila sa Tondo para sa eleksyon na toh? Di ba napaka-showbiz ng lahat? Lahat ay planado, pagkat ginagamit nya ang paniniwala na ang mga Pinoy ay maawain, at palaging lamang sa puso ng Pinoy ang mga inaapi.

Di natin kelangan ng mala-telenovela na buhay ng isang politiko. Di natin kelangang mabingi sa mga jingles nila. Di din naman talga natin kelangan gawing isang malaking CIRCUS TOWN ang Pilipinas. Lahat sila nanungkulan na bilang Mayor or Senador or Congressman or direktor ng iba't ibang sangay ng pamahalaan. Tingnan natin ang nagawa na nila, wag nating pakinggan ang pangako nila. PROMISES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN. We need someone who will fight for the Filipinos against oppression, not to fight against other leaders because of position.

Welcome to Circus Town! The Circus has just started. Enjoy the show while it lasts. The Circus will only be until June 30th of 2010. 

AND don't forget to VOTE for your FAVORITE CIRCUS PERFORMER 
on MAY 10, 2010


 -just thinking aloud-