Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Back... to Feeling Cold

I just got back to Germany! It's nice to be back, meaning, another successful step of my detoxification (maybe 7 weeks will make me completely detoxified, huh?!?)... It's cold, not just because of the season, but more so, the company sent us here cold-heartedly, grrrr!!!

'nuff said... I just feel frustrated, I don't wanna waste my 7 weeks grudging about the drastic changes we have to go through...

Anyway, there are some other things (or someone?!?) here worth looking forward to!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...and maybe I love you too...

The detox program that Ody is currently undergoing is so contagious! I guess I am doing really good with my own detoxification, but honestly, it's difficult, it hurts at times, especially when I bravely said to him a few days ago: " forget about me, forget about us, be happy with her, the one you chose over me" (this can be a great line in a song, or a poem, hahaha!).

It hurts like hell, really...

But that was only for a day...

Believe me... The hurt lasted only a day compared to what I had felt before...

Maybe, the thought that somebody else cares about me, somebody else misses me, and he wants to see me as soon as possible (as possible as it can be to see me every morning, just like before, if not only because of the oceans separating us), helped with my own detoxification.

Or maybe it's not just a thought, maybe I have really fallen again this time...

Maybe... maybe not...

Only time can tell...

Monday, January 26, 2009

What's With the Credit Card?

...and they are pushing us to bring and use ONLY credit card?!?

I now kinda have second thoughts of going back to Germany for training... I rather not leave this time...

No thanks to all these travel benefits... Hmp!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just playing around my camera this morning, when I remembered one request from a good friend who fancies the dolphins the way I do... I searched through my boxes in the apartment and here are just few things I found to justify how much I love the dolphins. Other items, were, well, left in the province, since my mom wouldn't agree anymore to bring all my dolphin stuff to the apartment, thinking that after a few months, I will be thinking of relocating again, and my dolphin globe just might break during transport, and my stuffed animals dirty, or worst, lost... Oh well, honestly speaking, I only buy the jewelries, but I never bought any of the stuffed toys, nor the globe nor the key chains... Most of my friends and cousin who knows how much I love blue and pink stuffs, started to send me dolphin gifts, since they look so cute, and the colors just match the things that I love most, until one day, when I woke up, I just love dolphins, not because they usually appear colored blue in the toy stores (well, some stores have pink dolphins too! Believe me, my friend Toni got me a pink dolphin stuffed toy in year 2006...), but simply because they are dolphins! And from then on, I started buying dolphin items (earrings in particular)...

Well, who wouldn't love them? They are just so cute, and sweet! I love to watch them swim, and go with the ship as we sail along the sea going to other islands of the Philippines. They are just so intelligent and really, they help me relieve myself from stress. Just seeing them in my house, or well, wear some of it, makes me feel more relaxed...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Needing Some Help

Okay, so, we are going back to Germany in few week's time. I got one big problem that I chose not to blog about Obama for a while, but try to exhaust my frustrations first (and hoping someone out there who would read this by accident or intentionally could help me out).

Alright, the problem is that we'll be staying again at the old city of Gelnhausen, and meaning, we'll be attending Catholic masses again at St.Paul's Church, where the priest is old, and all services are said in German, BUT! I can only say "Vater Unser" and the Sign of the Cross (in German), nothing more. I want something, like a Catholic mass book, that could guide me throughout the mass, and be able to answer correctly in German, not just sitting there silently throughout the whole mass. I got priest friend who lived in Germany for 15 years before, but I don't have time to see him, and I doubt it that he will lend me his mass book (if he got one) in German, and honestly, if he got one, I don't plan to bring it, because I have a gut-feel that it is that big book, and will eat up much weight on my baggage if I borrow it. I just need some basics so that I can follow the Catholic mass flow. I have been trying to search the web, but then, , to no avail...

I guess, I have to "tiis" another 7 Sundays, simply sitting by the church throughout the German mass... :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why My Mom Said No When I Planned to Study "Political Science"

Tomorrow's going to be Obama's inauguration, but I am not going to discuss nor talk about what I am expecting from him tomorrow, because, for one thing, I am not in the US to bother much about his plans (though, I admit, Philippines is very much affected by all the things happening in the US, and my employer is an American company). Despite these facts I laid, he is not the topic of this blog today (maybe after the inauguration tomorrow, I will).

Well, if US already got new leaders, Philippines will have its election by next year. But, even if the election is still a year away, I already got some gut-feel who will run and on what position.
  • Manny Villar - this I started to feel since last year, when he made this commercial about OFWs that he "helped" in order for them to get back home, and the latest one, a commercial about a small entrepreneur, who raises ducks and went through hardships, and mentioned that Manny apparently "helped" him, because Manny believes that people who are hard-working are worth helping for. There goes his lines again: "Sipag at Tyaga."
  • Mar Roxas - though he seems to be quiet for sometime, I already saw a commercial about his great "works" as well (I forgot the topic, though).
  • Bayani Fernando - no commercials, no print ads. Only, pink items are starting to be very much visible along the highways again. Pink fences being cleaned and repaired, pink signs being placed, pink waiting sheds starting to increase in numbers, pink stickers on PUBs.
  • GMA - even if she said she had enough, I am still not satisfied with her words. Why force ChaCha if she means she had enough?
  • Cha-cha - this was again alive, people are battling over the Chacha issue again, amidst the declining economy. I don't want to say more, but if this will be implemented, I'm afraid, there will be NO election next year (tell me why is there a motorcade of Madame President this morning?). I hope people will use their head, and forget their pockets for sometime.
  • Unlimited price increase - today it will go down a peso, tomorrow it will increase FIVE PESOS higher! Why is that so? So that those people will have enough before the election starts, enough funds to go about their candidacy, or if not running for a position, enough for them to retire leisurely and tour the whole world.
  • Fertilizer fund scam relived - just the best way to make one's name known, is to relive an issue that should have been resolved a long time ago. Well, the reason why it was put to shelf for a moment, is to make sure it is going to be utilized at the right time, and when is the right time? Let's just say, the time when people are already starting to ask who have plans to run for the position.
  • One by one, issues of corruption are unraveled - why only now? People have long been suffering from hunger and death because of corruption, and nobody paid much attention to it, people then became "used-to-it, " until one day, Juan De la Cruz woke up from the big bang of news announcing corruption will soon be dead. C'mon, it has always been promised eons ago, why is there still corruption around us? It is because the fight against corruption is good only when election is near. Enough said.
True, if some people knows me here, I belong to a family who got politics in our veins, though only one cousin of mine was brave enough to run as far as Mayor, but then I don't like political systems. I love talking about politics, but I hate the system that almost the whole world is following now when it comes to politics. When will I be able to wake up when the system is better than what I am seeing right now? When will POLITICS be more about SERVICE and not about MONEY? Isn't it that "politics" came from Greek word "polis", meaning that it pertains more about the state, and not about individualism?

Monday, January 19, 2009


Dapat pala sa sariling wika ako nagsusulat kapag tungkol sa mga bagay na ayoko gawin pagbalik sa bansa ng mga Aleman... Nahihiya tuloy ako sa isang tao dun na nagmamagandang loob na nga para anyayahan ako pumunta sa kung saan saan pagbalik ko doon, subalit dahil nabasa nya sa isa sa mga sinulat ko (di ko masigurado kung dito o sa Multiply), nalungkot sya na wala akong gustong gawin sa mga bagay na idinudulot nya (ang lalim ata sobra ng Tagalog ko, hahahaha!)... Nahiya naman ako, na kahit di ko pa nga sya kilala ng lubusan, napilitan akong magsabi ng totoo kung bakit ayaw ko yung mga sinabi nya, at buti na lang, di naman sya nagalit at naunawaan naman nya ako... Ngayon, naiipit tuloy akong lumabas talaga kasama sya pagbalik ko sa bansa nila sa Pebrero, kasi mapilit talaga sya, at baka naman magalit na nga sya ng tuluyan kung di ko sya mapagbigyan, ang dami na ng nagawa nya para sa akin, eto lang ang hinihingi nya, ayoko pa... Kasi naman... hayyy...

Total Make Over

That's what best describes my blogsite today... Just like Bebe Gandanghari, "Rustom Padilla is dead," as we know it... wanna say: ""lamentations of a fallen angel" is gone..."

I'm starting to live my life anew... And that starts NOW... :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Missing PS Friends Badly

I hope none would misinterpret this, I just miss my old friends in PS, but I don't miss the PS system... I am far more happier with what I get here with Emerson, I just miss the good old days with PS friends...

I wish there would be a time for coffee for us time and again...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Moving!!!

That's all I wanna say as of this moment... So excited to move to our new office!

RSC here we come! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Missing Germany Badly...

Last weekend, I started to miss Germany ... I dunno why... I just missed my room at the hotel, I missed the weather that is always cold... I missed the people's optimism... I just miss the place... Then my cousin came from his educational trip to Baguio (that was 5 days! I envy him...) and he told me that the temperature was at 9 degrees when they left... Almost like Germany, when it is warm at Germany... I really miss it...

But this photo doesn't have anything to do with my sentiments, it's just me and my cousin pigging out on garden salad and chocolate flakes... Stuffs from Baguio City! Hehehe...

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a Small World... And I Hate It...

Of all the places we could cross our paths, why here where I work? Why do he have to follow me wherever I go? Why not just let me live in peace?

M: CY!
C: Hi!
J: You got a lot of friends around ha?
C: Yeah, this is my day... (me rolling my eyes)
M: I thought you resigned from Sykes?
C: I did, but effective on the 19th.
M: I thought you're in Germany?
C: I was, and I returned before Christmas (to me: and I wish I did not return anyway)
M: I thought (I cut him off...)
C: Next week is my last week here in Sykes, and we'll move to RS, and be separated from Sykes for good. Hey, your friends are leaving...
M: End of break, bye, see you soon!
C: Bye! (to me: no more soon!damn you!)

I really wish I am out of this place, SOON! And if possible, out of this country FOR GOOD!

I suddenly thought, maybe if I get a new boyfriend, he'll be gone for good. But then again, I am just starting to enjoy my single life!

Anyway, why let him affect my life?

This is the comment I hated most after that encounter:

J: A friend?
C: Jaaaaaaa...
J: (giggling)...You look cute together, he seems to be your match.
C: (I just gave her a stare and then smile)

I just didn't bother to explain who he really is, not worth it to mention nor tell the story anyway...


Endlich! For so many reasons:
  • I was able to open my new payroll account
  • Got my ID picture taken for the new company ID
  • ABLE TO RENEW MY NBI AFTER 5 ATTEMPTS! (Who would not change her mind, everytime I get to the kiosk, the line reaches the 5th floor! Well, Monday was the worst, because the line goes from LG to 5th Floor and back to LG of SM Megamall. Today, I started at the 5th floor still, but luckily it went faster today.)
  • It's Friday, I can hibernate longer tomorrow.
  • The schedule for phase two was sent out already, and the invitation on its way.
  • There's no sun, nor rain, I simply love the weather today.
  • Photos of the past reunion and Christmas parties are already uploaded and available for the public (not at my site, but available at Kuya JhunJhun's site, I was not able to take photos 'coz I was one of the busiest people during those time, either I am the raffle committee or the hostess myself).

Only, Holiday coffees no longer available at Starbucks, I missed Peppermint Mocha this year... :'(

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are You A Thomasian?

Visit our Electronic Thomasian Village and join the "WORLD UST DAY" on January 28, 2011...

Follow the link and add yourselves up!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too Lazy To Check on Comments

If I were not too idle today in the office, I would not notice that Ody did commented on my post last December 17th (sorry, Ody). Maybe I was too busy packing my things, and too excited for my birthday then, that I failed to check on comments on my blog, hehehe, I'm really, really sorry... Anyway, I was able to answer that question, through SMS, when Ody texted me that day, hahaha!

I finished my report in one day, so now I got very long idle times... So long that it stretches from 4 hours to 6 hours per day... None of my superior have plans of preparing our documents for the second phase of our training. People there in Germany are so excited about our coming back, as they are all sending emails and one already setting up plans where we'd go (but I don't like the place he proposed... ;D), but us here, just like last year, no progress yet on our Schengen Visa application...

Just blogging to relax my mind a bit, I have been answering emails in German for 5 hours now... :'(

Nothing Is Impossible After All

I was surprised by what I just found out... Michael is NOW working for SYKES, and we're currently on the SAME BUILDING!!! He's in the 49th though, being in the same elevator could be impossible (I hope..), but then, this incident just proved me that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Damn it! I don't want to see him ever again!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacation is Over, Santa is Gone

Okay, so I needed some more time to get myself back to work. I am still not over the holidays, and hoping it would never end. But then, everything has an end, and I need to go back to my real world... So I ate Santa on the last day of my holiday, marking the end of my long and fun-filled holiday...

It's still cold here (but not as cold as it is in Germany), being 18 degrees in the evening, and there is still some feelings of the holiday, as the malls are still having their New Year Sale, and even extended it till the 11th! But I cannot hibernate that long, and all the funds are starting to get away from me due to my frequent mall visits... I need to work, and I need to finish my report ASAP!

Eating Santa out didn't helped me that much... :(

New Year, New Beginning

I was surprised to see my posts here doubled, I never thought I got to blog more here last year... And now, it's 2009, and there's a big question mark ahead of me... What is in store for me this year, I really don't know...

It's 2009, and I am really diligent on making this new year a start of my new life. Gone are the days when I was so desperate to get my ex-boyfriends back. To hell with both of them, hehehe... I am gonna make the best out of my single life this year, and one big project on my mind now is, renovating our home in Batangas. Yes, since I am the only one working now, all the expenses would be coming from me, and also, it's my idea to have the house renovated, so I should be the one to pay for the materials and labor.

I am so excited about what there is for me this year....