Friday, April 26, 2013

Filipinos In Germany

Hello! I am back after a while. It is not that I have forgotten all about blogging, but basically because I just don't have any topic to write. Finally, winter is really over, though there are days that's rainy, but that's typical April weather here in Germany. As of the moment, I am still unemployed. I was able to pass the interview on becoming a freelance English trainer, BUT there's still no available class for me. Just as how my title goes, FREELANCE, so no classes, no money. But it's alright, am no longer so depressed like the past year. I met a few Filipinos here near me, and still weighing things whether I'd officially sign myself up to the Christkönig Gemeinschaft in Niedergründau. It's a fun community anyway, was there on their mass last 14th of April. I am just thinking twice of the responsibilities behind being a member of a certain community. It is also nice to know some families who are members of that community and live near me. At least when I am feeling alone, I already have some numbers to dial and to go to for coffee. They are all like my aunts and uncles and since I am the youngest, they treat me like their kid. ^_^

Anyway, in case you are new here and lives near Niedergründau, Hessen, feel free to visit the Gemeinschaft. They usually meet every second Sunday of the month (BUT THERE WILL BE NO MEETING ON THE MONTH OF MAY BECAUSE OF FLORES DE MAYO IN EITERFELD AND FRANKFURT AM MAIN WHERE THEY WILL BE TAKING PART OF) at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The community is not just for Filipinos, but for all catholics of different nationalities. They serve coffee and dinner after the mass. :)

And if you are Filipinos looking for contacts online, feel free to join our Facebook group page, Filipinos in Germany. The forum is totally new, and we wanted to make it big soon, please help us gather members! :)

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Danke Schön

Today I feel a bit emotional. This week has been such a roller coaster ride and the week has not yet ended! However, I already feel so grateful and I guess I can express more of my thanks here in blog to my dear friend, Janine. Although we haven't met personally yet, I am so grateful to have an online friend who understands almost everything that happens in my life. And the biggest thing I wanted to thank her for is for all the motivation and optimism she unconsciously stilled in my heart (naks!) through her blog posts. She said I motivated her to start a personal blog, but she doesn't know that her personal blog did more to me than my blog to her.

If you are expats as well and feeling kind of already under the weather and would wanted to give up trying, I encourage you to visit her blog. I don't mind losing readers and let her gain more because honestly, her blog is really beautiful! The contents are so beautifully created and full of optimism. One writer that every expat should know.