Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Came From A Visit

I just came from a visit, and of all the visits I've done, this branch was the worst... Well, what to expect if the mall itself seems to have been left behind and forgotten by time... But I guess, that is not a reason for them not to stay on standards...

I hope my report would awaken their management and do something on that store...


Blogging Again Before the Start of the Week

Just came from a store visit and I am not satisfied this time. I think I did not felt full this time after dining out... I did not like the food presented and the place was dirty... I hope my report would help them out...

Me and my friends are supposed to be having coffee after my visit, but then, Jay got afraid of the rain and asked it to be postponed... and it happened again! I hope next week it'll push through na... Sobrang tagal ng plan na di matuloy-tuloy eh...

September 7 would be the UAAP CDC! And me and my cousin is planning to go... Siguro dun na lang ako sasama sa pack, tagal na nila ko hinahanap, according sa forum namin, hahaha! Sa CDC, I'll do my best na makapunta, kahit pa puyat ako from Summit ng September 6.

Yes, September 6 may Summit kami sa SMX and it's going to be '80's theme! And I still don't have anything to wear for that day! Sayang ang 15k if di ako mageeffort sa costume noh!

I am gonna miss this site again for a week... Another week without blogspot...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogging Back Again: Eraserheads Update

It's been a month, and I really miss this site... But what can I do, eh banned eto sa office...

Don't worry, I'd still visit this site from time to time....

One week to go and it's Eraserheads' reunionm conceert, but so far, here are the updates about the concert ticket err VIP passes:

1. Michael Buhay pa din ang laman ng Marlboro site according to listers
2. Nagmessage si Marcus pero gaya pa din ng dati, kaadikan lang ang mensahe.
3. Nasa kongreso pa din ang issue ng DOH sa PM at E-heads
4. Nilipat daw sa Fort Open Ground ang venue.
5. Nagtatanong na din ako sa sarili ko kung matutuloy pa ba ang ma-issue na concert na ito...

Hay, kahit kelan talga, laging may issue ang E-heads, kaya naman patok sila lagi sa masa...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Earning More...!

Kala ko nung una joke lang, sabi nung manager ko, check ko website para malaman ko na totoo sila, pero dapat sa kanya ko mag-register para mas mabilis ma-process ang application ko... So go naman ako, dahil kilala ko sya, at credible ang background nya (fyi, manager po sya ng QA sa Hitachi GST). Bigay ko lahat ng need na information nya, tapos eto lang gagawin ko:

1. Certify ko sarili ko online as soon as mareceive ko na shopper ID ko at password sa mail.

2. Certify ko sarili ko sa brand na ivvisit ko.

-at both yan nagawa ko in 1 hour lang. Tpos call sya sa fone ko at eto ang step 3.

3. Visit the shop assigned (either Pizza Hut, KFC or Taco Bell). Wala gagawin, pasok sa restau, order ng gaya ng dati, gumamit ng CR, balik sa table, maghintay sa order, magbayad, kunin ang receipt at lumabas.

4. PAg-uwi, accomplish the report online gamit ang shopper ID at password na nasa e-mail.

5. Wait ng bagong assignment thru text or pwede din mag-assign sa sarili sa website.

6. Wait ng 1 month, at lahat ng nagastos mo, plus token fee isesend sa BDO account mo, or G-cash or Smart Money, kung alin dyan ang naging option ko, yun ay ang BDO.

at ang pinaka-importante sa lahat:

7. KEEP YOURSELF A SECRET sa lahat ng store na pupuntahan mo.

Nabusog na ko, may pera pa ko... Maliit nga lang ang token fee, Php120 per visit, pero ok na din, kasi lahat naman ng ginastos ko sa pag-dine or take out or delivery, lahat yun binalik din eh.

Kaw, interested ka din ba? Email mo lang ako, at isesend na ni Miss Kaye ang invitation nya sa 'yo para makasama ka na din namin. Mga taga-QC area, I encourage you to join, maawa kayo sa kin, mag-isa lang ako nagrround sa lahat ng store sa buong QC (huhuhuhu...)...

e-mail me at:

Enjoy your meal, Ma'am/ Sir!


Edited: Kahit sa'n pwede, di lang Manila, paki-send na lang ng mail sa live account ko para ma-sendan namin kayo ng details and invitation.

James, censya, di ko makareply sa comment mo, naka-proxy lang ako eh... Bulacan ka, pwedeng pwede ka din! Email mo na lang ako... ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Rainy Days Again... :(

After few days of a beautiful sunshine, here comes the rain again... How I wish I'm still a student, so I don't have to struggle with flood and heavy rains. All I have to do is tuck myself under my blanket and sleep... But then, I am already part of the real world, and I have nothing else to do with that, unless I go back to school as M.S. student, which I no longer consider...

There's another storm that's within the country, and named after my best friend, Karen. Yep, Karen is the name... And it's really raining cats and dogs since early this morning. I felt lazy to leave the house, especially when I heard that classes are suspended in Metro Manila. But I have to leave because the sad part is, I AM NO LONGER A STUDENT....

I miss high school days... I miss college days... I miss those days that has gone by...

Real world is here, and I have to face it. Tonight, upon going home, wish me safety to reach our house amidst this great storm named Karen...

I suddenly missed Karen...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Living My Life Anew

I am now starting my life anew. I've been with Sykes now for more than a month, and I am loving my life. I don't have to wake up too early to catch the shuttle, nor should I force myself to sleep at night when I still want to do other stuff.

This is the life that I really wanted, and I am loving it.


By the way, I started another blog at dot ph. You may visit it, though it's totally new, I've posted the URL below for you: