Monday, October 12, 2009

How To Look Productive At Work

Bet I got you onto reading, and I am sorry for that. If you are a friend, you may continue reading, but if you find this a waste of your time, then its a goodbye then, I do not want to be blamed by you for wasting your most precious time. J

Ich bin heute so fröhlich. Warum? Weil hat die Sonne heute in Manila gescheint! Endlich, ich denke, alle Taifun ist schon fertig. Danke sehr Gott!

Jetzt bin ich wieder in Arbeiten grundlos, aber muss ich hier für 1 Jahr und 5 Monate mehr arbeiten. Zu lange, huhuhuhu...

Enough! I have nosebleed na, and not even sure if my German is okay, hahaha! Sometimes kasi I need to use it for practice, kesa naman Saturdays lang nagagamit sa class. Lately kasi have no work load demanding for my use of the language, so I think the language is rotting in me, syempre, boyfie cannot always call me coz its so expensive for him, and vice versa.

To be sure I am inline with my title; here are few things I do to look like I am productive at work:

1.      I have my Outlook maximized and open all the time. Make sure when you do the toggle, it is the first window that will be shown on your monitor.

2.      Updating the outdated. Thats what I do when I really have no workload to finish. Lucky are those whose blogs are unblocked by their company IT. As for me, it is blocked, but is still a big advantage, coz it looks more productive, coz I update it using the Outlook (yes, post via e-mail is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGG help for bloggers like me).

3.      Learn a language. It doesnt matter if you have a foreign boy/girlfriend or fiancé. Learning a new language is fun! In my case, I am doing it for a lot of reason, but overall, I find it really fun. Next plan: FRENCH! (too much dreaming for me I guess, I am loooooooooong way far from starting a French class).

4.       If your line requires manuals, it is good to browse those manuals when you have idle time. In that way, you wont have to cram and panic when real problem arise.

5.      Be active. It is good too if you are proactive with some company activities, hence, you wont find any idle time at work.

6.      Have a twitter account and follow those interesting people in town. Youll find great words of wisdom from Paulo Coelho to Ramon Bautista (yeah, Im following them, hahaha!).

7.      Get in touch with some friends via IM, if you have that installed, or if not, meebo or e-buddy is a big help too! But make sure you are not disturbance for them, though. J

Okay, gleich ist Pause (Mommy Pams Geburtstag Feier), ich gehe jetzt. Ich wünsche ihren einen schönen Abend! Bis bald! Tschüss!