Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Time Has Come

I had always wanted to blog this out but due to some unknown reasons, I do not have my access at the office again!

Damn IT, they don't want to give me back my internet, I will be staying for two more weeks na lang naman eh...

Yes, I resigned, and the reason why? It's because I got the job at Emerson, and I will be startiong with them on the 7th, though, I don't know yet when my flight will be going to Germany, but I'm just overly excited... See, I have been reviewing my German language time and again, hahaha!

Wish me luck at Emerson!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

getting impatient

it's monday and there's no update still regarding my past medical examination... sigh! i'm getting impatient here and i really want to leave... but if i am not going to be called again, i am fully aware of the reason anyway, there was a finding regarding my heart condition... i'm afraid that my childhood condition is repeating... and this is all because of the stress and problems that i had gone through and currently going through...

i want to break free... i want a new life... i want a new place... this place isn't the place for me...