Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a day!

The snow started to fall already, but it's what they call a wet one, mixture of rain and ice. Here around the hotel, one wouldn't notice it, unless it starts to build up on the car's roof. It's because it melts here easily because of the river beside us, they said it's warmer here (huh?-3 deg is warm!). So Gertrud, our plant manager's secretary gave us a call and asked if we want to see the first snow falls and step on it, so we said, yes, of course! She picked us up at half past 3, and went directly to their farm at Geiselbach, a village at Barbaria (in city of Munich). Everything was white already from afar, but if you get to see it up close, you can still see the soil, really thin! And the snow falls are small balls, not that big yet, and it do feels wet, wet snow is indeed a right term.

Afterwards, we headed to meet her daughter, however, we didn't find her, we ended watching Bernhard on his final exercise for the orchestral concert tomorrow. I was surprised, our Software Engineer is a known conductor here! Then, I asked her what Glühwein tastes like, she said, "we'll get one tonight, let's go to Aschaffenburg, there is a flower fair and they serve Glühwein." And off we went, but before going there for the wine, we go see the castle first somewhere, but too bad, it was already dark, the photos aren't that good anymore. We'll just go back there one day for the Kodak moments, since it's just one train ride, riding a Santa's train for only 50eu back and forth...

But nothing beats the happiness I felt as I watch the snow falls by the farm, with the beautiful view of sunset... It's something priceless! No words can describe how happy we were by the farm on that mountain. I wish we could go back there one day when the snow is pretty thick...


it's half empty already... :D

Yeah, finally I was able to taste the Glühwein! Thank you so much Gertrud for this great day! It's red wine, no doubt, only STEAMING HOT and served in mugs, not on wine glasses. There were lemon slices on the pot, but I can't taste the lemon on my drinks. And I was amazed by the kids there who drinks it bottoms up! But what's good with it was, I never felt anything after, it's like I just had a hot tea.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Flight back to Pinas

Start:     Dec 20, '08 11:00a
End:     Dec 21, '08
I'm so excited! Yey!

Phoenix Generation

I came across the Friendster account of our HS batch... Grabe, kakamiss... Nakaka-touch din ang content ng graduation invitation namin... At ang ganda na ng facilities ng CALC ha, walang wala sa facilities na kinalakihan at minahal ko...

I miss high school so much... Wish I could turn back time...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Updating the Outdated

Okay, I’ve been here at Germany for like 11 days now, and not even a blog was made here! Well, it isn’t my fault! The IT issued this notebook a little too late (and take note, not even one tool is up now!!!).
How do I find Germany? Hmmm… Good question! I’ll try to put into list the things that I like and do not find that interesting living here, though I don’t have much experience yet since I’ve never been to other places other than Gelnhausen and Hasselroth where my hotel and company is located respectively.
1. I love the weather, though it’s very cold compared to Philippines, I think I can deal with it, even if at times I do get a nosebleed due to too much low temperature when I go out at night. Currently, it’s raining, and we’re expecting wet snow by tomorrow.
2. I love the language. Well, I did love it ever since, I just got the chance to see a lot of native speakers of Deutsch here (not only Ody this time, hehehe), and they’re so cute.
3. I like the people. Except for that two drunkards that made me ran last Saturday, I like everyone. Everyone greets everyone by the street, the shops, the church and the restaurants. They are all so friendly unlike what most people think Germans are (I even have a crush on one of the engineers, ssshhh!).
4. Most of them are Catholic too, so I love their religion as well.
5. I love the places I so far had been. Well, Gelnhausen in particular is so beautiful, with the old houses, and churches, it made me feel like I’m travelling back to Romanticism era. I’ll try to post some pics here, only after I get the chance to borrow the data cable from my friend, hehehe…
6. I hate the food. There are foods that do get what my tastebuds are craving for, but then, they are in gigantic serving! But most foods already tastes bland for me, and I hate it.
7. I hate the length of flight! It’s sooooo long and tiring!!!
That’s it for now! I’ll try to add up on the list when I get to see other cities, and that is probably when Ody comes around for vacation.