Monday, September 7, 2009

A Year and a Half

If this is some kind of a romantic relationship, this sure is something to celebrate, but it isn’t that way. This is no love story to start with Even if I like the way they treat me, even if they find me great, this is just isn’t my place. I thought, I belong here, but now its clear, I dont.

How many more days are left for me to reach the 21st of March, 2011? Why cant time just run faster? I am not tired of the work, am not mad over tasks, its just that I dont belong here

I miss the scent of chemicals, the sound of stirring rod as it touches the beaker; I miss the waiting time for the chromatographs from the HPLC and/ or the GC. I miss them, but I am not sure if I can still go back working with them. I mean, yes, its great experience being able to work here, I’ve learned a lot, but it has deprived me of the chances to work on these products and can boastfully say that I am a specialist of these products. I may be fully equipped with all the technical terms, and knowledgeable of how these works technically, however, the point is, I do not work on them hands-on, all I know are just in words, I have not seen such errors in real life, and they only describe it to me. Then, how can I market myself to the outside world after my bond? How are they going to believe me that I am a specialist of this product when in fact, I only worked on it for 4 months, the rest were only by words.

Sometimes, back-office jobs are not as fulfilling as manufacturing jobs are. Sometimes, it can be as frustrating as any other jobs out there, but I have to hold on and move on.

For now, I know no other way to kill this frustration and boredom, but to simply continue counting down the days.

This is for sure, once I am out of the bond, Ill try my best to be out of here, and return to the laboratory, right where I used to be

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gwen_di_08 said...

..I guess, you just have to start from somewhere..remember that once a chemist, always a chemist..things will come out naturally cy..until then..welcome back to our world!!!...