Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacation is Over, Santa is Gone

Okay, so I needed some more time to get myself back to work. I am still not over the holidays, and hoping it would never end. But then, everything has an end, and I need to go back to my real world... So I ate Santa on the last day of my holiday, marking the end of my long and fun-filled holiday...

It's still cold here (but not as cold as it is in Germany), being 18 degrees in the evening, and there is still some feelings of the holiday, as the malls are still having their New Year Sale, and even extended it till the 11th! But I cannot hibernate that long, and all the funds are starting to get away from me due to my frequent mall visits... I need to work, and I need to finish my report ASAP!

Eating Santa out didn't helped me that much... :(

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