Friday, January 9, 2009


Endlich! For so many reasons:
  • I was able to open my new payroll account
  • Got my ID picture taken for the new company ID
  • ABLE TO RENEW MY NBI AFTER 5 ATTEMPTS! (Who would not change her mind, everytime I get to the kiosk, the line reaches the 5th floor! Well, Monday was the worst, because the line goes from LG to 5th Floor and back to LG of SM Megamall. Today, I started at the 5th floor still, but luckily it went faster today.)
  • It's Friday, I can hibernate longer tomorrow.
  • The schedule for phase two was sent out already, and the invitation on its way.
  • There's no sun, nor rain, I simply love the weather today.
  • Photos of the past reunion and Christmas parties are already uploaded and available for the public (not at my site, but available at Kuya JhunJhun's site, I was not able to take photos 'coz I was one of the busiest people during those time, either I am the raffle committee or the hostess myself).

Only, Holiday coffees no longer available at Starbucks, I missed Peppermint Mocha this year... :'(

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