Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Appreciation

I used to not like art. I tried since grade school days to at least love to draw, but I always end up in frustration. I realized that art is not on my blood, hence I avoided it all in the past, which is actually easy to do in the Philippines. It is because, in order to see real great art, you must be ready to spend some amount of money, which is sadly a difficult thing for me.

Until I got an opportunity to travel to Germany. First impression: wow! Europe is for me a very  large museum, with Germany as the section for middle age art. I fell in love and my appreciation for art came back. I haven't seen it all yet in Europe, but so far, I am already satisfied. The grandiose cathedrals and schloss are enough for me to say how great are the masterminds of these buildings.

The modern times would of course not let it pass, even the modern graffittis have something to say. They are not just graffittis made by kids, they are skillfully made too, to match the grandiosity at the background.

I wish I could be also an artist in my own way.

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