Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ride Far, Ride Free...

... but sadly, even the nearest destination has a corresponding fare!

Anyway, just want to share the random things I wrote in my companion notebook for the last two days...

*I realized that I need that book called "1001 Pitfalls in German". That book that I kept on ignoring at Powerbooks! Jetzt, habe ich neuen Grund zur (nach?) Powerbooks bald besuchen!

*Germany left me so disappointed yesterday! Was passiert DE?

*What's happening to the environment? Last night, I saw LANZONES and DALANDAN (seasonal fruits in the Philippines, which normally are for October and December respectively) along the sidewalks of MUNOZ MARKET.

*DXL774, Greenstar Bus, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BUS AND FIX WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! Smoke belcher to the nth power!!! - I'm serious on this one. Who should I call to report smoke belchers?

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