Tuesday, June 8, 2010

how would i write my resignation?

Dear Mr.____,

This is not yet formal though, I just want to ask some thing that could help me come up with the decision. We are all aware about my 2-year contract with you, however, in the recent days, I noticed my work load is becoming less and less. I am wondering maybe, you are already considering an early termination of my contract? You don't have to worry, I will be fine with that. No hurtful feelings. All I want to ask as a favor from you relating to this early termination is to write a letter (an email will do) to my immediate manager here, Ms._________, and inform her that you want to reduce the number of your representative here in my country. And also please include that whatever amount is left unpaid due to this early termination of my contract, will be waived (I think this is normal, for I will be terminated, not a voluntary resignation, though in a way is the same because I am asking for this early termination right now) and that my service will only be good until the end of this Fiscal year.

However, if you do not want this idea of mine and you are thinking of sending me back for training, I suggest that you scrap that idea now. It is because I will be tendering my formal resignation effective January 2011. Everything will only be a waste of time, I think.

Please do not think that I am not happy working with you. I am happy that I had an opportunity to work with you and the team. I came up with this decision, not only because of deteriorating number of work load, but also because I am missing my old life, my real career. I miss working with the beakers, test tubes, flasks, bunsen burners, HPLC, GC, IR, UV-Vis, Moisture equipment. I miss doing assays, protein synthesis, elemental analysis, chromatography, quality control, quality assurance protocols. I miss creating laboratory reports to be sent to various companies and government sectors. I miss the real life of a chemist. Paper works are enough for me. This is not the world I studied to work in my whole life.

I am hoping for your understanding and support.


your stubborn employee

*will he grant my request? will i be freed earlier than planned? will a typical german understand my use of english words or should i change it to sound more pleasing and convincing? 

i really suck writing resignation letters!*

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