Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I'm back! and I was gone for how many days? 5or 6? Anyway, I pampered myself for stress-free days at our province. Though first two days were still stressful, but it was fun! For the second time, I portrayed one important role in our annual Holy Week play. But sadly, I failed this year. Eventhough the result was not to my liking, I did had fun seeing old faces and meeting new faces. Indeed, Teatrong Kumot had been my second family. I missed them. I missed the old times, I missed the people. It seems like decades since we last laughed and shared stories. Some have gone to other countries, but it's heart warming to know that they still do remember us, and did their best to wake (even if it is kinda late at their side) and give us a call and send their good luck. I am not sure, but maybe this is the last year I will be portraying a role, and be with them physically. Soon, I will be like the others, felt only in spirit, for I will also be out of the country soon. Even if it's still a long way ahead, maybe a year away before it happens, I am already missing them. It may be sad for me, and for others I had been so close with, but life goes on. People do come and go. For 10 years, I am the one left behind by people I get to be so close with in the theater, soon, it will be my time to go. But even if I will be miles away from these people I grew up and valued most of my life, they will always be remembered and loved.

Teatro Kumot will always be a family to me.

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