Monday, July 22, 2013

On Writing

Surprise! I finally have something to blog about. I never thought that ironing would help me squeeze some juicy thoughts and finally be able to write something again, after such a long time. I should have left some more clothes to iron tomorrow to be able to write more often.

Well, my husband has always been supportive of my blogging, but sadly, I have disappointed him these past months. He told me, "just write. You do not need big events to report or something, just write about anything. Go out and take a walk, find something interesting in the village, kids playing, horses neighing, the little river that flows in front of our house, anything!" The problem is, I do not often go out. It is weird but I do not want other people to see me walking around the neighborhood. So when I take a walk, I see to it that no one is around. I am not sure why, the Lanzingers are actually nice to me. Once I took a walk and there were other dog walkers, and old people taking the morning walk. They smiled at me and greeted me enthusiastically and asked where I am living and how long have I been here in Germany. It is totally different from what my Facebook acquaiantances have as experiences. I never felt so left out here in our village. They all show me that I am welcomed here and I am part of the community. So you can scratch that thought out, that probably because I am afraid of racist comments or something, because the people here are one of the nicest Germans I have ever met. Except of few instances in the bus, when I was still attending the German language class. The kids are giving me those looks, but not sharp ones, just a look of curiosity. Maybe they are curious, why someone like me, who looks old enough to be their aunt or eldest sister, is sitting with them in this school bus (yes,  the time when my class ends is also the time the schools dismisses the kids in grade school and middle school, so the public transportation is converted to school bus).  That is why I sometimes let the time pass by by staying in the mall or having coffee or lunch with my classmates to make sure that I do not take the same bus the kids usually take. Never have I heard any racist comments from them when am sitted in the bus with them, just a sigh of frustration that one seat is taken by their aunt. Now, back to my topic, writing. I am not sure really how I can do this again regularly, just like the old times. It seems that happy life equates to lesser thought bubbles popping out anytime and anywhere. It is because writing has always been like a therapy for me, not just a hobby. One acquiantance, who used to be the editor in chief of our high school paper (I was still in sixth grade that time, so I understand when she could not 100% remember me, we were only together twice for an overnight leadership training and peer counselling training), gave me the same tip that my husband told me. She reminded me that it was taught to us way, way back in high school: write a sentence or two a day, regardless how idiot it may sound or if you are trying to write a book, regardless if those sentences still meets your story or theme, just write. The editing will happen only at the end, when you think you got a book done already. She told me this because I found out that she is already one of the known Amazon writers and published already her first book, in hard copy and ebook format. I sent her an email telling her how proud I am of her and that I am one of her fans since her high school days. That was the only time when I read editor's note in newspaper! I wanted to read a lot of works of her and I simply like her writing style. And I told her too, that I also dream of publishing at least one book. She was so supportive and told me that she can help me out once I am ready and she is willing to do the editing part for me!

You see, there are a lot of support group for my writing. The problem lies now in me. How will I be able to apply this tip in my life and be a published author too one day. I guess, that question would remain a question until I find a way one day, and ironing daily is not a good idea to start with (even if it helped me write today).

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