Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lord Is Always With Us

I thank Him for protecting my husband yesterday from a big possibility of accident.

He drove yesterday to work without checking his car. Well, for short distance travels and going to work, we don't really check our car before leaving. But as soon as he made his turn from the garage, he heard a loud "bang!" (I was still asleep when he left), but he thought it was just the jug of water at the compartment. So he drove off. He drove at 130-140 kph from house to the Autobahn for almost half an hour when he noticed that the car is somewhat unstable and swerves. He took the exit twice shorter than his usual exit. At the traffic light, he alighted the car and checked the rear of the car. The tyres seems to be fine as he checks. He kicked the left rear tyre and it was fixed. He went to the right rear tyre and kicked it too, it moved. The light turned green, and he thought to himself, I'll check when I get to the office. And drove 10km more with a swerving car. Upon arrival at the office, he made a closer look at his car. He bent down and voila! That thing (sorry, I am not so technical when it comes to car) that holds the tyres is broken. As in it is hanging down to the ground. He called on the mechanic at the other side of the office and asked for help. They drove his car to the garage and on the way, the right tyre went completely loose.

He called me and told me about it. I was so thankful that the Lord saved him. I imagined him driving at 140kph and then if he did not took the early exit, and continued driving at 140, only God knows what might have happened next!

Even if my husband is a non-believer of my God, He protected him from a possible danger. It is because He sees how supportive my husband is for my religious practice. He drives for me when I go to the church. He respects me when it is time for me to say a prayer. The Lord is a just God, He protects and saves all His creations, regardless of their beliefs, as long as He sees that these people are kind and caring towards His other creations.

Thank you, my Lord. You are the greatest! :)

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