Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back in Hessen

After a day of me whining and demanding, he spent whole Sunday with me, no TVs nor computer games. We went for a walk at a lake by the next city: Kinzigtalsperre at Steinau. Interestingly, the famous Brother Grimm had also lived there, and their old house was turned into a museum along the Deutschmärchen Straße (tranlated as German Fairy Tales Street). Since we are already there, we also planned to make a little tour around the Steinau Castle and Brother Grimm's House, sadly, cameras are not allowed at the Brother Grimm's House Museum and the Steinau Museum, hence, the photos I got were only at the little museum at the castle, telling a little about the Brother Grimm as well, and their famous Marionette plays.

We were given one great weather!

This is the biking/ jogging path along the Kinzigtalsperre

Welcome to Schloss Steinau!

I wonder if it is still safe to drink from here

This is not a large canvas, but rather the old walls of Schloss Steinau

Jacob Grimm is so cute!!! 

The Grimm Brothers' job is really about dictionaries and grammar books, fairy tales are only their past time

Aside from fairy tales, they also enjoy painting during their free time, and these are just one of their art works

The Brothers Grimm signature laser-carved by their other brother

Old Bible of Family Grimm

Ludwig's Reisetagebuch

Hand-painted carpet once used at the Schloss Steinau

Old stuffs in the Schloss

 Marionette plays

And to conclude the tour:
The Frog Prince and I... :-D


screen resolution said...

Wow, those photos are very nice! :)

kleineanne said...

thanks! though some are pixelated, coz my cam's too old...:)

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SATVIKI said...

Really very nice pictures.........nice place too.