Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grüße von Deutschland!

Endlich! I have waited soooooooooo long to have this for a blog title. Finally, I am blogging now here in my new home: Germany!

After 2 and a half years of struggling in a long distance relationship, we are finally together, me and my hubby. I must admit though, that this is not that easy. I have to adjust to a whole lot of things namely: household chores, weather, language and culture. There are also things that I had discovered only now, and it surprises me, one of which is that I AM A NATURAL COOK.

Back in the Philippines, I only cook anything for breakfast, and of course, rice, but here, I was able to cook chicken curry and bamboo sprout in coconut milk. I did not expect that cooking is easier than ironing, cleaning up and even doing the dishes.

I am only a week here, and I know, there is more I am going to experience and realize as I continue my journey as an adult.

For now, I am so happy and satisfied!

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Dee said...

Wow... That is great. Believe me, you will adjust in no time at all and everything will be wonderful.