Monday, October 31, 2011

Everything Bieber

Am not referring to Justin Bieber rather, I mean my new town, Biebergemünd. These are über late photos taken on my first week here in Germany, and I did not notice, am already 3 weeks here. It's getting colder and colder as the Winter season is approaching, the trees are slowly changing the color of their leaves and it's such an amazing view specially with a little sunlight on it! It is just WUNDERBAR!

Anyway, here are some photos, hope you will like it. =)

A sweet welcome of Germany for me: Snoopy and  chocolates in one!

Then a week after came a welcome gift from Ohdee.

Along with me was a not-so-good weather. Germany made me feel its coldness as soon as I came.

My first German breakfast: Wurst, Brötchen und Krepeln! I missed Krepeln soooooooo much that I  craved for it as soon as I went out of the airport.

And as soon as the weather became more friendly, we went out for me to see the country road of Biebergemünd.

And here, everywhere are horses!

One of the first place I searched and I found it! Just 5-minute drive from home: St. Johannes Nepomuk in Biebergemünd - Kassel

To sum up, am officially a Biebergemünderin since 7th of October. =)

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