Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's Happening in the Metro?!?!

Early Monday morning there was a bus that caught fire along Skyway. My classmate from Goethe saw it and the van she was in was just few blocks away from it. It was a Ceres Transport, one bus company that caters for passengers going to and from Batangas. Thank God no one was hurt on this event.

Tuesday afternoon, few minutes before 2pm, a bus exploded at the corner of EDSA and Buendia Ave. here in Makati. As of Wednesday, the number of dead people rose to 5 and 14 (or was it 10) was seriously injured, one man must have his leg amputated. There is still no concrete update as to who or what group was responsible for the explosion.

This afternoon (or was it at noon), construction workers at a condominium here in Makati met an accident. As of 2pm, there were already 9 casualties. I am still yet to read the news to find out the reason for the accident. What I only heard from the news as a reason was that the service elevator failed.

Three consecutive days of accidents and frightening events. I haven't mentioned yet the consecutive carjacks wherein there were already 3 casualties. What's happening to the Metro? That I cannot answer myself. I, myself, asks it. What happened to the Filipinos? What's in store for the future of the Philippines? These consecutive events made me decide to leave the Metro as soon as my contract expires. I am going home to Batangas and wait for my visa to come. I am leaving. Now I think I understand why Ody chose to go back to Vienna despite the fact that her parents and brother are already settled here.


Flo said...

Glad I live in Suburbia!!! Sounds scary there in the Metro!!

kleine anne said...

this is quite new to us as well... it used to be safe here, i dunno what happened to people... :'(