Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Am I Still Marketable

I checked on today and found out that 2 of my last applications were unsuccessful. I am not sure whether the reason for it being unsuccessful was due to my high asking salary or due to the fact that my knowledge had been stagnant. Ever since I joined my current company, I felt like my knowledge had deteriorated. I already forgot about the 7QC tools, which I used to know by heart. I used to be good with FMEA and Lean Management as well, but after 2 years and more here, it seems like I already don’t know anything about any of those important tools for a Chemist like me. It is frustrating and it makes me yearn more for a new environment. A place where either I can regain those knowledge or learn more. I am looking forward to looking back to a manufacturing company. I am no longer after the salary, but more on what I would gain from them in terms of knowledge.


Today, I tried again to apply to about 5 or 6 companies. I am hoping and praying that this time, this would yield a more positive response. In addition to that, I had expressed an interest of going back to Hitachi. I know I had ranted a lot about Hitachi here some years ago, but only when I was outside their walls was I able to appreciate the things I was doing back then and how much I have learned from working there. Knowledge that I really appreciate and treasure, but due to inability to practice those knowledge and skills, tend to be gone with time. If any of those companies would give me a chance to work for them, I would get the most out of it and build strong bonds, so that if ever I get to leave the country soon, I had learned new things and at the same time, I would get a chance to get back to them should we choose to settle here in the Philippines after 10 or so years.


I hope I am still as marketable as how I used to be. I want to start to work my brain cells again.

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