Friday, April 9, 2010

Hooray to Great People Who Endured the Death March!

Today is Philippines' legal holiday, and it is called Day of Valor. It reminds us of World War II incident wherein all males of the country, at least all, I am not sure with the numbers though, marched all the way to Bataan. A lot died along the way, due to thirst and hunger and violent death through Japanese bayonets. It was hell, it seems like Filipinos were marching to hell, and women are watching parade of men dragged to their death. It was hell, it was sad, it was painful to see. Today, we reminisce and give credits to all their sufferings for the people of the country.

Wherever they may be, I'm sure they are all looking down on us with a smile. I just hope that the government would do their best to bring the country to the top again. It is the only way we can return the favors to our ancestors who fought for this freedom that we all experience.

Let us not only remember the courageous and the virtuous on this day. Let everyday be an offering to the great men of Bataan, and let it guide us to a better future as a DEMOCRATIC country.

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