Saturday, February 13, 2010

wo sind wir gehen?

the whole family are all gathered by the living room watching the finale of PBB, while am here in our room, with my ipod on my ears so that i won't hear what's going on with their most favorite show...

i have lost my interest on that show since the most interesting people were evicted one by one... only remaining interesting people are the love team of the year, and paul jake, however, i hate my family's comments over paul jake. i mean, why on earth is his wealth a big NO for them to win the grand prize?!?! i mean, PBB IS A REALITY SHOW, THAT IS NOT A CHARITY SHOW!

hearing them rant like this and that, i can't help but think, what more would they react on the REAL ELECTION?!?! nothing pleases them, except their bet, who is one great player (in this way, i can clearly picture the win of Villar or Aquino, great players in this real world of politics), rather than the one who have pure intention, and never bragged about where or who he really is or what he can do.

i like one forumer's comment, and i hope PBB team would do that next time, so that people thinking that this show is a charity show would benefit from it: LET PEOPLE WHO AUDITION BRING ITR!

oh well, where are we going, dear Filipinos? with the way you use your minds, where is Philippines directed to go? this is making me really sad...

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