Thursday, February 19, 2009

Panic Thursday

I was planning to freeze my blog to the 14th article, para feel na feel na February nga, but then, I have been itching to write something, so I break my own rules...

Last night, we went out for billiard game. Funny, they were amazed by me, I kept on telling them that it was only the 2nd time I played it, but they said, for a 2nd timer, I am good (and I am flattered with that). I got some pictures of that game, having me as the only girl in the group, and will post that in my Facebook account, maybe tonight. Then, I was a bit tired last night, that I asked U to drive me back to hotel, and when he left, I set the alarm to 6am...

Me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Alarm: BUZZ! (at 6am)

Then, with sleepy eyes, I reset the alarm to 7am, and went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

At 7:50am, I opened my eyes, and saw the clock registered: 8:50am! WTF?!?!

Me: It did not alarmed?!? Oh God, how can I go to work? U is going to a customer today!!!

PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! PANIC to the nth level!!!!

I opened my laptop, and connected to the network, and my adrenalin toned down a bit when I saw the laptop time: 7:50am. Then I started to phone Jenah, no answer... call again, still no answer... Called Ralf, a colleague and driver, no answer as well... Called restaurant to ask if the two is having breakfast, no answer... Called the reception, no answer... Called Jenah again, no answer... OH MY GOD!!! Panic came back to me, so I phoned U...

(clock time: 8:00am)

U: 'Morgen!

Me: Jaaa, morgen... Ich habe schlafen langer, Ralf und Jenah left without me...

U: Jaaa?

Me: What time you go to the customer? Can you please bring me to the office?

U: hahaha! Taxi driver...

Me: Jaaaaa...?!? Please?

U: You know Ralf's mobile? Call him and ask him to go back to you,

Me: Ich kenne nicht.

U: Call Frau Huth, and ask Ralf's mobile, ok?

Me: Ok, I will. Thanks. See you later.

U: (laughing) Ok, see you later.

Then I remember the laptop, with the outlook, of course. Browsed the address book, and poof! Ralf's mobile! Called him and wahahaha, he's in the breakfast table! I then asked him to wait for me, I just woke up, and Ralf laughed, and said no problem, they will wait!

Whew! A relief, at least...

Then, I rushed to the bath and while brushing my teeth, a call from Ralf came, laughing, because he said U called him also, hahaha! I said, yes, I have called everyone!!! I'm in a panic, you know! Then U called me also...

U: Need a wake up call?

Me: Hahaha! Jaaa... I talked to Ralf, he called me and they will wait for me...

U: Ja, I called Frau Huth, and asked for Ralf's mobile, and I called him. (laughing)

Me: Ja, thanks. Ok, I go now, they are waiting. Be safe ok? See you later.

U: Ok, see you later. Tschuss!

(clock time: 8:15am)

I finished fixing myself and ready to go (without any breakfast, of course), 8:36am!

Grrrr... Ja, I know, I was so tired yesterday from the work, and the game...and I know it is not an excuse to be late... I was still lucky this morning, though...

Oh, by the way, after being ready, I checked the alarm clock, and well, the reason why I did not hear it alarm at 7:00am, is because: When I reset the alarm time, I did not really reset the alarm, but rather, I changed the time itself!

Now, I finally appreciate the use of snooze option in the alarm when I want to buy off more time in bed, rather than resetting it again!

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