Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moving and Out

I have decided to leave Friendster behind, despite the number of friends I got there, which ranges from first grade years to present. Well, it's a good decision anyway, for I also got "friends" there, which, I am not sure if I really know them in real life. Some lives on the same town I lived for ten years, some went to same schools and university I went to, but their names doesn't ring a bell to me. I admit, maybe some of my friends there doesn't know me as well, but maybe they've just forgotten me, as for me, I know them, and for once, they became my friends.

If FS would ask me reasons why I am moving out of their system, I guess these are the reasons I am about to give them:

1. Your system maintenance ALWAYS affects my page, deleting some friends, and adding people I don't know I have on my list before. This is true, the first hit on me was when they deleted my customized layout, the very first layout I was able to make on my own, was deleted just like that. Also, as far as my memory is concerned, I only have around 250 friends, and after series of system maintenance, my friends rose to 584! Whoa! They added me to my friends' friends list as well!

2. Your system is prone to hackers and spammers. I don't need to explain this, a lot of my friends encountered the same. I am not sure if somebody is using my account too, to post random comments and messages to my friends, and I don't care anymore if he or she does. TO HELL WITH THEM.

3. You do not have original ideas. Networking was from MySpace, blogging capability and unlimited photo uploads from Multiply, I guess, and lately, applications from Facebook! Know what, I appreciate the old Friendster more. The time when you are limited to only 500 friends max, when there was no blogging capability, when HTML codes are not yet supported, and when you can post only limited photos on your page. At least during those time, you can choose the friends to add on your precious 500 list, comments are really testimonials about who you are, not those HTML stuffs that eats up your bandwidth, and photos just shows how you look as of this time, for those friends who you don't see anymore.

4. Your privacy option is not for real. If this is not so, then maybe reason number 2 would not exist.

5. Multiply and Facebook can make me more satisfied. Enough said, I don't want to explain on this part.

If Friendster would go back to what it was 5 years ago, maybe, they can win me back. I miss the old Friendster, I miss the good, old times with them. But since they chose to go with the current changes, and everything, then, it is bye-bye time for me...

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