Sunday, October 12, 2008

Updates! Updates!

Funny, I blogged my rants first thing here after being absent for more than a month...

Updates! Updates!

First, Germany invitation is already on its way, so probably, Visa application will commence next week.

Second, there's a little friction in the office due to the upcoming migration thing, and now, our division is caught in between, grrr!

Third, as what I had blogged earlier, grrr!

Fourth, Christmas and New Year will be celebrated here in the Philippines! Yipee! Be back by December 2 and leave again by January 10... Whoa! They do got a lot of money to spend, huh!

Fifth, I miss this site...I hate it, blogger is not allowed, plus, my proxy was already detected by the IT, so I cannot access the FS as well. Boring life, I know, but I have to bear with it till my Citrix access is up... Just a few more months to wait...

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