Thursday, May 8, 2008

Are You Drunk?!?

Last night, me and my team went on a small dinner celebration at Gilligan's Island at Festival Mall, Alabang. Had some drinking sessions, and most of them sang. I could not understand why they, most specially Jolly, kept on telling me I was drunk last night, when in fact I AM NOT! Throughout my drinking days, I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEING DRUNK yet, not ever.

I first had a bitter taste of beer when I was in third year high school. That was during Lipa Fiesta at my best friend's house. Kuya Sam brought us some bottles of Pale Pilsen, yup, Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light was not yet available in the market that time. I was able to finish one bottle only, not because I got drunk, but because I started to get red. I dunno, maybe I am allergic to malt, or something, (weird however, coz my daily morning beverage is composed of malt, Milo has malt right?). So there, but it did not hindered me from drinking. The next drinking I made was with my cousins, I think, GIN POMELO, but mixed for the ladies, and that was a few months after my first try (summer of '99 to be exact). Since then, drinking has always been part of every occasion I attend to. The worst drinking that I did was during Aimee's debut, November of 2002. Her step father owns this mini mart at our town, and they do have liquor section. After the program, we started to sit around and open some drinks, we did not planned to have an actual drinking, we just want to finish one bottle of Fundador, at least. So we started with Fundador, with NO CHASER! But after finishing Fundador, we were craving for more, so we opened anotehr Fundador, then Johnny Walker, then Gilbey's Gin, then Novellino, then a white wine which I forgot the brand, then champagne (yes, champagne went last), until we turned the bar down. My friends still wants some more, so we opened the mini mart, and went to the liquor section, and took whatever we find on the counter. We had 3 bottles more of red wine (varying brands), 2 bottles of Gilbey's, another Fundador, a vodka and a tequila. Most are already crawling due to drunkenness, and some were already asleep on the table after finishing the last bottles we got. While 5 of us were not yet affected by the alcohol we just take, we went to the rooftop and waited for the dawn. We wanna go home, but the gates are closed still, it'll open up by 7am. I am not sure, but I think I am slightly drunk that time, coz I told them, I want to climb the gates and get away. But of course, the gates won over me, I was not able to get home early. The earlier I wanna get home, the later I was able to do so, because after watching the beautiful sunrise, we went downstairs and cleaned the function hall. We were so tired that we went inside Aimee's bedroom, we all fell asleep. Before we knew it, Aimee's mom was waking us up for LUNCH, yup, FOR LUNCH, and it was actually late for lunch as well, coz it was already 1:30PM. Okay, maybe you'd say I was drunk and I just didn't felt it, I was not, we were just tired cleaning up the mess and all the puke the party goers left (it's really, ewww to clean those stuff!). Next drinking session that I hated was the following summer, Summer of 2003. It was my cousin's birthday and we just thought of renting the nearest pool, and party, without drinks, of course. But my dear best-friend former suitor came along with his brother and sister, carrying with him a box of Ginebra San Miguel and a pitcher. He went out and bought one pack of pomelo flavored powder juice, and mixed gin with the juice on the pitcher. I didn't know how he made it, but he told his sister not to join us, I thought what he only cares about was because she was too young by then to join sessions like that. The pitcher was already halved, and I felt I wanna pee, that was also the only time I noticed I was the only girl in the group, 4 of my cousins and him, I stood up and said I am going to the washroom, he called his sister and told her to accompany me, I said I can handle myself, but when I tried to take my first step, waahhh! I almost fell, and I hugged the post. That time, I knew, the mix was made for guys, he did not diluted it with drinking water, I hated him that time! But that session made me increase my alcohol content even farther, maybe that's why I never get drunk even if I finish all that my drinking pals cannot finish. In our native language, I am "taga-salo".

So going back to last night, 4 bottles of San Mig Light cannot bring me down, that I am certain of. I may have turned red after a few bottles, but that was normal, I am not yet drunk. Only Tequila without chaser can put me down. I am not a drunkard, but my alcohol content is high, I can handle no matter how many bottles there are, I am not from Vilela family if I can be easily put down by mere San Mig Light. As what my friend always tell the people who doesn't know I drink, "She doesn't drink, yeah, I agree, but the statement doesn't end there, she doesn't drink beverages WITHOUT FLAVOR..." Hmmm...I should have thrown the question back to Jolly last night:

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