About My Blog

My journey has never been perfect
I had been through all the darkest parts of this world,
I fell in love, 
I got betrayed,
I got lost,
I almost gave up...
Until I found a new love,
In a place that I thought would be just in my dreams...

In a land of castles and churches,
Thousands miles away from home,
In the birthplace of fairy tales,
My own fairy tale came true,
I met my prince, so charming and true.

So I treaded a new path,
Took the horse ride with my prince,
Tried to forget the past,
Walked on the new soil,
And I am now living a new life.

This blog is basically about me,
About my thoughts,
The places I see, 
The captured moments.

I do not expect you to travel with me,
But I would be very much delighted,
If you'd let yourself be tagged along,
As I continue my journey,
This journey called LIFE...

Disclaimer: All that are written here are my personal opinions and experiences, unless stated otherwise. I, as the sole  author of this site, reserve the rights on all articles and photos posted here. Thank you! Happy reading!

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