Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Are The Filipino Bloggers in Germany?

Out of boredom on a Sunday evening, I scrolled down the list of expat bloggers who are living in Germany. I am in search of Filipinos out there, but sadly, I only found 3 blogs: my blog, a medical student's and a mother. I am not sure if it is because the number of Filipino members in Expat-Blog is so small compared to those who came from US of A, or because there are really a small number of Filipino bloggers who are living in Germany.

If you are a Pinoy and is living in Germany, would you care to tell me which forum can I find you?  photo sig_zps35132240.png

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Sherrie said...

Hi there,

I am living in germany. I also like writing blog but i stopped now. I feel lazy.

How are you doin? I like to read your blog but the font is too small to read. Nevertheless you have a informative blog.