Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Price I Got To Pay

Hubby got me a new notebook yesterday. He said it's his post birthday/ post Christmas and post Valentine's day gift. But those are only his words, at the back of these words, here are the things he expects from me:

1. More blogging time instead of just playing around in Facebook.
2. I will start a book.
3. Should I get admitted at the University, that I'd have my work done better and without delay, especially when our internet is acting up, I can do my homeworks at the University library any time.

Truly, this notebook costs a lot because of these expectations I have to bring into reality.

Nevertheless, I am more than happy and he is still the sweetest and most romantic guy in the world! He makes normal days special.

I love you baby!  photo sig_zps35132240.png

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