Sunday, August 26, 2012

Soul Mate

My cousin once mentioned to me that she believes in soulmates. She believes that soulmates does not have to end together in marriage. Though some are lucky enough to marry their soulmates, some finds their soulmates as their "the one who got away" or sometimes they are disguised as a best friend or simply a friend. I laughed at her idea but she strongly believes that I, myself, have a soulmate. It is just so funny that she thought my soul mate is my childhood lover turned best friend. I simply agreed on her just to shut her up and make her forget about it. Then I realized, she is somewhat right. We all have our soulmates. I am not exempted to it. But she got it wrong on who my supposed to be soulmate is. I believe my soulmate is my "the one who got away." I believe he is due to some reasons such as:

1) when I had problem with my ex-boyfriend, he was the only guy who gave his shoulder to cry on.
2) even if we did not have a good past, he ensured that we are going to have a good future by staying friends with me.
3) even if I threw him out of my life thousands of times, he still comes back and always comes during the saddest events of my life.
4) as opposed with my best friend who stopped communicating with me when I got married, he kept his communication with me despite the changes in our own relationship stati.
5) even if we do not say a lot of words, we understand each other. We came to know each other despite the lack of words in between.

I do not find it bad to know you have a soulmate. It feels good, in reality. Because a soulmate is like a twin brother/ sister you never had. They can sense when you feel bad and when you need someone to talk to. Although they come disguised as a lover, they are more than that in reality. Soulmates are our angels here on earth.

So if you find your own soulmates, thank them for letting them meet you in this lifetime. We are not all privileged to meet angels on earth. Be thankful, for meeting them means that something great is up to come or that you are destined to learn something big that shall change your whole life.

If you would ask what my soulmate did to mine, he made the way too crooked and painful for me. He made it so that I would be able to see the difference between good and bad, between ugly and beautiful and when I finally met my husband, I learned how to appreciate love and how to love unconditionally.

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