Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June Already!

I am being totally irresponsible! My last post here was way back September 2011!!! I guess, I owe some updates here. By the way, I have to warn you against tons of grammatical error because I am not being able to use my English here, as in totally. 

A week after my last post, I got a call from the German Embassy and informed me about the good news: my visa was approved! So I went back to Manila that week to submit a copy of my flight details and my passport. Then it took around 3 days and my passport arrived right in front our doorstep! But the stressful days were not done, I had to go to CFO to get my stickers and then had to go for some shopping. To cut it short, I arrived here in Germany on the sixth of October. 

Time runs real fast! It's almost 8 months since I came and reside here! It took 3 months though before I get to start on my language course again. It was because there was always no available slot for me. And just last month, I took my exam, DTZ (Deutsch für Zuwanderer), it is intended to measure how integrated we are already on the language. Until now, we are waiting for the result, though. So technically, I am again a bum: no school, no work, just chilling at home. I wanted to apply for Ausbildung, in fact, I already got a response from Veritas, but hubby said to wait a little longer, they are planning something for me in my old company. Maybe I'll wait until August, since the application deadline for Ausbildungplatz is by September. So I guess, I have to endure more months of boredom at home. It would have been a bit different if we live in a village that is like Gelnhausen or Lieblos: bus comes are every 30 minutes. Right where we live in, the bus does not have any concrete schedule (at least that is what I've observed), except for the time when the kids are about to go home from school, that is at 12noon and 1pm. I honestly miss living in the city.

That'll be all for now, since I am not making sense anyway. :D

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