Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello God

Hello God,

I missed you. I am sorry I went astray. I am sorry I kept on ignoring you.

And now I am on my lowest, I do not have any other person to turn to. Because I don't think other people would understand me. I know it's only You who can understand me and accept me despite my flaws. I know You will not turn me down because You are always full of love.

I think I understand now how You feel everytime I ignore You. I know now how bad You feel when You wanted to talk with me but I always keep myself busy of these worldly things. Then when I do not get what I want, I am mad at You. I had the taste of my own medicine. I am truly sorry. I now know why You bled so hard yet You still lived. It is so painful. The bleeding would not stop. Yet I am still alive.

Please God help me to get through this. I am weak. You are my strength. Please help me stand and be strong. Please God, sit beside me and keep me company. I am in so much pain, I need someone to be there for me as I cry all the pains out.

Thank You God for listening.


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