Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eye Opener

This morning, I had made a very important decision that shall change my future in so many ways. I told my husband about it and I'm so glad and lucky that he is happy with my decision and is willing to support me all the way. I've decided to pursue my Masters degree in Chemistry.

For months, I have been thinking about it. I have actually thought of just doing the Ausbildung in order to get a job fast. Worst, I had thought of abandoning my hard-earned degree and start anew. Then just yesterday, while passing my time through the internet, I thought of visiting the website of Goethe University in Frankfurt. Actually, the real reason was to check on the requirements for Germanistik studies. But as I browse the site and the uni-assist site, it all showed me signs that I can actually take Masters even if I had my Bachelor degree from the Philippines! Still, I was thinking twice because Chemistry is not just anything and it really requires concentration and seriousness. However, it occured to me, while taking a bath this morning, why would I waste this opportunity that is right in front of me? I mean, nothing would be lost if I try.

Germany is known to be the Motherland of Chemistry. That is a reason too why we had German as a Foreign Language back in the university, instead of Spanish or French which are more popular in the Philippines. It is because the best chemists came from Germany and lots of journals of great theories and hypotheses are written in German.

Hence, I am treading a new path. There is already a clearer vision in front of me. The path is now enlightened, and I already have my map. It makes me happy and determined. I am destined to be a chemist. Not only in the Philippines, but also here in Germany.

It's a long way ahead, but still I am optimistic that I can reach that goal in no time. I am going to be someone that my family and friends and country would be proud of.

I'm so excited to take the next step!

It's just funny how I get ideas and decisions while taking a bath.:-D

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