Monday, June 18, 2012

Coco! ♥♥♥

Coco, Cuhcuh, Koko... So many spellings of his nickname, but his real name is All Nam-Nam (name given and registered by Aries of Bluebox).

I adopted him last year, 29th of April. It was not planned, we went at Aries's house, not because we wanted to buy a dog, but because my husband needs to buy a pack of cigarette! We saw the ad by their gate that there are already puppies ready for adoption. We asked Aries's father if we can see the puppies. He was so kind and took Coco and his sister out. Coco was so sweet, he immediately came to hubby and licked him. We both fell in love with Coco, not only because he's sweet but also because he's a male! (We do not want a female dog actually.) So we asked how much does the adoption costs. Aries was so nice, he gave us a discount because he said we're neighbors and because Coco seems to like us immediately (other people might charge us higher because my hubby is a foreigner, but Aries did the other way).

So there! He's so loved by all of my cousins, niece and relatives! Who would not love this cute little dog? He got all the sweetness in the world!

And I miss him so much,,,

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