Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bundesliga 2011-2012: Dortmund vs Stuttgart

We were so lucky to be able to watch the said-to-be Game of the Season! Who would have thought that Stuttgart can match the strongest team, Dortmund. First half time was 2:0 for Dortmund. On the second half time, Stuttgart made 2 goals in 10 minutes! Then it was a running goals for the two teams. At 89 minutes, the score was 4:3 for Dortmund. Klopp was already rejoicing for he thought they already won, but wait! There was 3 minutes after game due to fouls and fireworks. 2 seconds before the referee called in a night: Stuttgart made a goal!

That was the most number of goals ever made for the season. :)

Thanks to Lothar Ott for the tickets. :)

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