Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brüder Grimms Haus in Steinau

The famous Brothers Grimm are Hessisch! One of the house where they lived and wrote some of their works is just 11 km away from us!

A Little Trivia: Snow White story is based on real people. The girl which inspired them about Snow White lived in Lohr am Main, the next County to Main-Kinzig-Kreis. The place where she lived with the dwarves is said to be in Bieber, Biebergemünd (yes, the next village to us), and they were said to be the miners. In old times, the miners were small people (compared to a natural height of Germans) that's why they were called dwarves. In Lohr was also this factory that manufactures mirrors, that inspired the character of Magic Mirror. The wandering path along the series of mountains from Schloss Lohr am Main (Lohr Castle, http://www.antenne.de/Schneewittchen-Schlo%C3%9F%20in%20Lohr%20am%20Main%20__schoeneorte_233923_news.html) to Bieber, Biebergemünd is called Schneewittchenwandernweg (Snow White's Path) and is approximately 35 km, one of the famous path taken by wanderers and bikers.

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