Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Instagram Fever

I just want to vent out something:

I think I am the only one among my friends and family who does not have Instagram account/ app installed on my gadget, and does not have any plan to get it in the future. Why? It is because for me, whatever Instagram offers to its fans/ customers, I can also get in my Tumblr account, and editing I can do it with other apps as well. Plus I am not someone who loves to instantly post photos as soon as I clicked the shutter, usually I would look at it hundreds of time on my phone and then transfer it on my PC and review it again then edit it and share it to the world or simply save it on my PC. I learned how to keep some parts of my life in private since I set my feet on Germany grounds, and it feels good when there are still parts of my adventures here that my family and friends back home does not know. There will always be something to talk about when I go visit them anytime soon. And now that Facebook is acquiring Instagram, I got more reasons not to get into this bandwagon.

That's all. I will be blogging more in the near future, I am just quite pre-occupied with my German course.

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