Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

What have you planned for this day? By us is simple: my husband will drive to work while I spend half my day conjugating verbs and learning new vocabularies. In the evening, we might eat something we both crave for, grilled pork or chicken maybe and drink a few glasses of red wine. We planned not to go out for dinner because the weather is crazy! A little bit warmer temperature but lots of snow! Hence, better for us to enjoy the night in our warm apartment. Anyway, everyday is already Valentines day when we're together. :-)

If you are single, don't feel so low, celebrate this day with your parents instead. The main thought for this day is all about LOVE, no matter to whom that love is meant for. Important thing is we all celebrate the wonderful feeling called LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day World!

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