Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!

This month is also the month when I finally found my way in my once-crazy-world or I think it is better to say,  when I finally woke up from a nightmare.

Three and half years ago, I already stopped living. I was simply like a sleep-walker along the streets, no emotions, just walking and dreaming. I felt betrayed and unloved by the whole world that it feels better when I am asleep. I was totally lost in the darkness of my life. Then, it was during my training in Germany when I found my way towards reality. Distance from my usual place helped me to "detoxify" my life. Finally, on the month of February of the year 2009, I was reborn. Last tears were dried, the sun shone brightly and showed me the way. I thought it was still one of those dreams I had been dreaming of for so long which usually ends up as a nightmare. But I was wrong.  One man helped me to wake up from my nightmare and live on my fairytale fantasy. My knight-in-shining-armor came just in time for the Valentine's Day. It was one of the loveliest day of my life.

It was February when I stopped dreaming and started living.

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