Friday, February 3, 2012

February Is My Month!

A Large Chair at Freizeit Park in Büdingen
First, I had this new blog, then I decided to look at the brighter side of my life. I did not realize before that positive thinking yields positive results. Truly, it does not hurt to wait for a while, for God is always at work for something good for all of us.

I almost feel so down because I had been here in Germany for 3 months now and still not able to start my language classes. It is because there is always no available slot for me. I really want to give up and fly back to the Philippines. Staying at home all day and not able to meet other people or go to other places makes me feel really low. However, everything's going to change starting next week. My husband talked to the school and they found a slot for me! Yes, finally! I can go back to school and get busy on something - learning and nurturing my German.

Maybe some of you wonder why is it so important for me. Well, for one reason, German language is such a very important tool for a foreigner like me. Germany is a country who loves its native language so much. Unlike in the Philippines, all road signs, buildings, newspapers, etc. are written in German. Hence, in order to survive and have a better life, German is the most important tool to have. True, I do have a little knowledge already, but it is not enough, especially now that I am eyeing a very nice job somewhere.

Secondly, my former professor wrote an email to me. It is not something about job or research proposal, it is all about our faith. Starting this Holy Week, I am officially a contributor for the Tanghalang Anluwage website. It has always been part of my life serving Jesus and the church. When I arrived here in Germany, I felt sad because for the first time, after more than a decade of being part of Teatrong Kumot (a local theater in San Jose, Batangas, Philippines who portrays the Passion of Christ every Holy Week), I would not be a part of it this year. It has been one of my ways of serving the Lord, aside from going with the youth council for apostolate, since I was in high school. It has already been my way of life. But God always finds a way, He made me be part of Tanghalang Anluwage so I can still serve Him, and now I am serving Him ONLINE. :)

My February has just started, so I know there are more good news to come. I am very much excited for the following days and very positive on everything. I miss busy days, and I am happy my busy days are slowly coming back to me. I am glad my chair is comforting, high and large enough for me to sit and watch the world around me and welcome every opportunity that might knock at the door.  I am also willing to share this chair with everyone out there. :)

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