Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Is Almost Over

In few days, it's gonna be over. March will finally come to keep us company, bringing along a beautiful spring. I, honestly, am excited for it. I had enough of the negative temperature days, I long to see the sun and finally wear skirts (yay! I miss skirts!). Spring means new life and I am welcoming it with open arms!

I had promised, since the day I started this blog, that I will be treading this path with my head held up and a smile painted on my face. I promise to look beyond the façade of ugliness that is trying to hover over the beauty of life. And I realized that I really can do it. There had been situations in my life this month that was really hard to be happy. New environment because I started to go back to school, new people challenging my patience and friendliness everyday, different cultures that make it hard for me to adapt and make friends that easily. I almost gave up, I wanted to go back home. It was so difficult for me, I got to see real life, and being happy was a challenge. But I shrugged the negative feelings, painted a smile when it is hard to show a genuine one. Little by little, I am starting to win new friends. Little by little they sit beside me now and start talking with me. I no longer need to paint a smile, for I can already do it genuinely. It is hard to be happy at the beginning, but once all the odds are out, everything just starts to be all right. One just needs to be a little giving. I hope that at the coming of spring, I can already call one of them my friend.

I am so happy with the kind of life I am living right now. I love my family and I thank them for bringing happiness to me everyday, for supporting me and telling me that there's no reason to give up.

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