Monday, January 30, 2012

Starting Anew Is Not That Easy

I thought I was ready when I decided to apply for visa to be with my husband, but I thought wrong. Three months living here seems to be soooo long for me. I miss a lot of things am used to doing way back in the Philippines, and one of which is... WORKING.

I have been unemployed for 9 months now, longest I have no job since I finished my university degree. Though I worked for a freelance writing job for three months from my nine months and one month used for wedding preparation and wedding itself. So basically, it's really 5 months doing totally nothing.

I miss working, that's for real. Sometimes, I am thinking about going back to the Philippines and get back to my old life. But I know I shouldn't. My husband don't mind it at all, he said whatever I want, he'll support me all the way. But I won't do that. We had fought two straight years away from each other, and now that we are married, it is just not right to turn my back just because my life is not turning out the way I want it to be here in Germany. I definitely won't do that. I will stay here and take one step at a time. I know it will take longer time before I can establish myself here, my life and my career.

Starting anew as a foreigner is so tiring at times. But I just have to look forward and think positively. With my husband with me, I know this journey and hardship would all be worth it.

*Sorry, am just so emotional these past few days... Then I saw this advertisement about a training opportunity at Heraeus, and it made me feel more eager to get a job. But first, I need to go back to my Sprachkurs and pass the exams.*

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Warum Ramona Nerra muss weiter und weiter gehen??? Ich kann das nicht verstehen!!!

The Voice of Germany. At the beginning, their ad slogan says, "we search for someone who got it right (that is just my lose translation)." This is one reason why they have what they call, the blind audition, the coaches only listens to the auditionees and without seeing them physically, they choose the singer who they think fits their team. Thus, I got interested on this program. Most reality shows nowadays are so commercialized and I was in search of something new.

The Coaches. The coaches are award-winning  artists of their own genre, hence there is a big respect. However, I am not sure whether the technical systems send out bad signals to the tubes or the coaches have bad ears. There are great singers that were sent home for no one from the coaches wanted them, and those who only have the capability to sing, but not something worth any price, got in further. It started to make me  confused on what exactly are they looking for.

The Battle. After the blind audition, every contestant faces a battle against other singers on their team. The coaches choose six singers from their team to go on further. From hereon, I am going to speak about Ramona Nerra. She is one of the singers in Boss Hoss's team. She can sing, okay, but there are notes she cannot sing so well, she even gets out of tune at times. When she got in during the blind audition, I was surprised, but I did not give too much of a damn thinking she'll be out the next round. I and my husband were so excited when we found out that she will be battling against Cool Daddy, one of our favorited since the blind audition. However, we were wrong, Cool Daddy went home and this woman went further to the Live Shows. I started to say, "what happened there?" But I still chose to give this show a chance.

The First Live Show. Each singer are given their chance to shine and two singers go on further depending on the public's decision via phone call or SMS. Most of the singers I like went further since they got the most vote, and I was so happy to know most people share the same thought I have over these contestants. However though, the coaches will decide on the other two singers to go on their respective teams. If you're guessing what I will write next, yes, you are right, Ramona was one of the two singers Boss Hoss chose for their team. After this, I decided, I will just watch the episodes from Nena and Rea Garvey's teams, Boss Hoss decisions make me totally confused on what is their plan for their team, it seems like they want to be the biggest loser team in the history of The Voice worldwide.

The Second Live Show. Last Friday was the second live show for Boss Hoss and Xavier's teams. I did not watch it, I do not want to make my ears bleed from unworthy singers. I only watched the video upload when James Morrison sang with Xavier's team (thank God it was not with BossHoss's team). However, since I have subscribed on their FB andTwitter pages,I still was able to know who went further. By Xavier's team, I have big respect on Xavier, he knows what he needs and he did good, he wants to win against Nena and Rea. But then again, BossHoss's favorite went further. I don't have to say the name.

I really could not understand why this woman just keeps on going further on the contest. This made me lose my faith on finding a real reality show.

I hope though that this Friday's episode won't be frustrating, because I am a big fan from these two coaches, I hope they won't make decisions as confusing as the BossHoss's.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Days

...and it's making me feel more lazy and weak... How I wish I get to do more other things than just here at home and doing the usual chores. I miss working and going to school at the same time...

Oh well, maybe am just feeling a bit homesick here, I know this too, shall pass. :-)