Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Saw A Glimpse Of Heaven

Not only that, I also saw Jesus.

How did it all happen? It all happened while I sleep.

This morning, I still feel heavy in my head, so I decided to sleep a little bit longer. As I go back to sleep, there are a lot of things on my mind, that it was a little difficult to get back to sleep. And as I twitched and moved on to a different side of my bed, I fell asleep and I saw myself standing in front of a golden door. Around me are beautiful bushes and the weather was wonderful, no rain nor scorching heat of the sun. In front of me stands a man and his dog.

Man: No, not yet your time. Why are you here?

Me: I only have one question, why is it taking too long?

Man: I am not sure for the answer. Anyway, let me take you inside for a while since you are already here.”

Then He opened the small golden door. It was so small that we must get inside one by one. And as we entered, I was amazed on what I saw. It was huge, the view from the outside cheated me, for when I was outside, it only looks like an ordinary house, but the inside was GRANDIOSE! Everything glows for everything’s made out of gold. As we walk to the middle of what seems to me is a “lobby”, a voice boomed above us.

God the Father: Jesus, why is she here?

Jesus (the man with the dog who welcomed me): She said she has a question.

God the Father: Cy, have a little patience, it will soon come.

Me: But why is it taking too long? It’s already a month.

God the Father: Everything happens for a reason. Do not think that I have forgotten about what you asked of me. I am doing something for you, just wait and see.

Me: When will it come? How long should I still wait? Please tell me, so I can inform my husband.

God the Father: That, I cannot tell you, there are far more important events that I put on the top of the list, but yours is already on queue. It’s on its way, just wait.

Then the voice went out and I am left standing and staring at Jesus. He looks like nothing of the photographs that I grew up looking at. His face illuminates in glorious light, that there is no exact word can describe how He looks like. Saying that He is handsome is not enough, He is more than being handsome, He is a face of all beauty.

Then I looked at His dog. He too, is wonderful. He sits patiently beside Jesus and looks at Him and I. I then thought that dogs do have souls too. And when their time comes to an end, they, too, enter heaven and reunite with their masters. I suddenly remember my grandfather and his dog, Puti. Maybe as of this writing, they are already together and having great time together in the Kingdom of Heaven. This thought made me think that, when my time on earth is up, there are three dogs (or maybe four, if Cuhcuh happens to die ahead of me) waiting for me at the gate of heaven, my first dog, Brownie, my dear puppy who never got a chance to grow up because of a disease, Miko, and the last dog I had before Cuhcuh named Patrasche. Maybe as of this time, my grandfather takes care of these three dogs of mine.

Afterwards, Jesus smiled at me, and then I am back on my bed. I don’t know I was I able to get back, the path leading back to the now-world was blurred in my memory, but the encounter I had with Jesus and God the Father is as clear as a crystal. Maybe God wants me to remember what He said so that I will learn.

Few things that I realized out of that dream:

1. The door of Heaven is really small. As mentioned by Jesus in the Bible, the door is small and only a few can enter. It is both a metaphor and a reality, based on what I have seen in my dream.

2. Lord loves everything that has life. Hence, everything and everyone has a chance of entering Heaven, including dogs.

3. Jesus’s face as we see on photographs and on crucifix are wrong. Jesus’s face is more beautiful than the face that my religion introduced to me.

4. God is always at work, and we just have to learn the virtue of patience. Waiting can be painful, but it keeps a beautiful promise.

5. The Kingdom of Heaven is not as artistic as fairy tale castles, but it is more beautiful. Hence, we must all strive for goodness to be able to enter the narrow door of heaven.


Disclaimer: The thing that I asked God was not about my time on earth, but about the status of my visa. :-D

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