Friday, June 3, 2011

On To The Next Step

After marriage, the secretary of the judge, who is also a family friend, submitted our contract the next day. She sent me a message saying to be there on Tuesday to apply for endorsement of our contract. It is one option we heard from friends because if we wait for regular processing at NSO, it would take us 3-6 months before we could have our marriage contract available. But since we went for an out of town with our family, I was not also able to go there to start the processing. We went there Wednesday, and sent the contract to NSO as well. The clerk at the city hall told me to go at NSO two weeks after and follow up on our contract. Two weeks of waiting is actually on June 2nd, but I decided to just go there today, and guess what? Yes! I already have the contract! I could not believe that it IS possible to have the contract in just TWO WEEKS!

Next plan is to attend the CFO Guidance Counselling, I need the certificate to renew my passport. My passport renewal is scheduled on July 18th, so in between today and July 18th, I am going to CFO for the seminar, then renew my PRC ID (with my new last name, of course), then request for my new TOR and Certificate of Graduation (authenticated). So much to do for June!

On to the next steps! Thank God for making the road I travel smooth.

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