Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is It Already the End?

I kept on seeing these big posters along highways of great cities during Uwe�s vacation, I was thinking it was only some sort of an upcoming concert of someone big. Honestly, during the wedding preparation, I haven�t seen the television and never heard any news. I was even barely in internet. Anyway, I really waited for 6pm here in the Philippines, but nothing happened, though there was heavy rain and thunder. I fed my dog instead.

I turned on the television and watched the news and listen for any excuse about this hoax prediction, but the anchor said, it was actually 6pm US time, so I have to wait for 2am of May 22, 2011. Funny, maybe I�ll just sleep then. I don�t think God would reveal the end of time anyway, how many times did I heard it in mass and read it in the Bible, that He won�t reveal His second coming to anyone, not even to Jesus Christ, His Son.

I guess we all deserve a good night sleep tonight and thank God for giving us another chance to enjoy life on earth and when we wake up tomorrow, why don�t we start to change the world instead? Who knows, maybe that is what the prediction is all about, the end of old worldly ways and the coming of new Godly lives among each and everyone of us.

Good night everyone! God bless us all!

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