Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guten Morgen, Philippinen!

Ich bin wieder allein.

Mama went out to attend a funeral of a friend´s father. I am alone with Coco again, but I feel so lazy to play with him today. So I locked myself here in the room and blog. I still have this paranoia, because he scratched me yesterday and his tooth hit me as well, I got a little wound, so klein wie ein Moskitobiss. See how paranoid I am? I know he´s clean for he never had any fight with any stray dogs all throughout his 4 months of life, I am just so stupid and paranoid, hahaha!

I guess, I need to spend some time with him now, enough of me staying indoors and doing nothing. I´ll bring him to visit his mom, maybe? His mom is just one block away from us.

When will I be able to blog with a title: Guten Morgen, Deutschland!

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