Friday, April 22, 2011

Brand New Me

Four days after I said goodbye to Emerson, how am I feeling now? Where I am and what I am up to do next? Few questions whose answers are unknown to me as well.

1) How I am feeling now? It's a mixed emotion. I am happy that I am away from a stressful environment. Stressful in such a way that even with Emerson, I am clueless on to which way my career path would lead. Two years and 10 months was like walking blindly along a known road, it has been treaded for such a long time, yet I do not know what is ahead. I am happy that I got the courage to remove the blindfold and tread a new path, to where this path may lead, I do not know as well, but this mysteriousness is bringing a different kind of excitement for me. Maybe I will find another job here in the Philippines, or maybe never again until I get to Germany. I do not know, but it feels so good to walk the unknown with open eyes, instead of walking along a known path with my eyes blindfolded. It feels so good! But at the other side of these all, I am sad. I miss the people I had been for more than two years. I miss the times I had spent with them, the FISH events, the team building, the birthday celebrations or simply, the small chit-chats during the office hours. I miss their company, but I don't think I miss the work I left there.

2) Where am I now? I'm home-bound. Enjoying the company of my mom. Catching up on what is on the tube. Downloading past movies I missed. Browsing on my German books (by the way, I just took my exam for Start Deutsch 2 last Wednesday, the result is not yet known until next week). Reading German books I got from Germany 2 years ago. Went to see my church friends today and watched the Cenakulo this morning. Planned a meet up with them next week before Ate JingJing goes back to Saudi. That's my life so far after four days of leaving Germany. I am excited over the next days because by next week, my boyfriend will be here again, and we will soon be married! Hopefully, after marriage, things would be fine so I could be in Germany as soon as possible.

3)What am I up to do? Last Monday, I had a phone interview, but the office location is at Makati, so I told them honestly that I do not want to work at Makati again. It's Friday, she said she'd call back after 3 days, and so far I received no message. I am not sure though if the reason was because of I told them that I do not want to work at Makati, or because it is holiday or simply because I failed the interview. I had also applied to some other jobs online, but I said I am available for work by middle of May, so no one had called me yet. I do not know what would be next. But I am excited about one thing, that is the possibility of leaving the country and be with the love of my life. There is also a short term project I am looking forward to: Teatrong Kumot's plan to stage another play this August.

I wish life would be good to me in the days to come. I am excited about the future, no matter what it may be.


Anonymous said...

Rosemont products are good. Used to deal with them in an earlier endeavor.

kleine anne said...

Hi! Thank you for the compliment, Rosemount engineers and technicians do their best to bring great products. It feels good that I had worked for them in the past. Hopefully I could still work for them once I am at Germany.