Thursday, March 3, 2011


March at last, but then, I would not be a March bride due to some unexpected things. I am going to be a May bride instead. It's okay, at least I am just a few steps away from getting to Germany.

These are some stuffs I need to attend to this March:
  • Heidi and Allan's wedding (yay! It's already this coming Saturday!)
  • Talk to a supplier and I hope they could match up our budget.
  • Get a schedule at our local registry for May civil wedding.
  • Go to UST with my dear Bu-Girls
  • Go out with my high school friends before my best friend leave for Cayman Island (too bad, she won't be here on our wedding).
  • Get that letter out of My Document folder (anyway, my German counterparts already know my plan).
  • Cancel this SUN Broadband stick (why am I having a hard time going away from you, dear Sun?)
  • Finish my A2 classes so I could take the SD2 exam this April.
  • Put the house ready for the upcoming wedding (need to ensure the gate is painted and Mom's garden is finish).
  • Enjoy the sun when it comes out (I hope it'll come, the last few days it has always been raining).
That's it for now, and maybe I will add more next time. I need to get out of the house and report to the office now...


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