Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Words Would Not Come At The Right Time of the Day?

I admit, my last post was a big *BLEH*. It was non-sense, just a few words how I am satisfied with the new TV show. But something that is worth reading, like how I used to write long time ago, no, I haven't written anything of value yet these past few days. It is not because I do not have any good idea to write. I honestly have a lot! As in tons of them! The sad part is, they come swarming in my head like bees at the most unexpected time of the day (or night, whatever is applicable). Take this for example, I was on my way home to Batangas, enjoying the view of Mt. Makiling (though I have seen it for a million times), then came one nice idea that made me smile. Beautiful sentences and quotable quotes start to form in my head, I could even make a poem! But then, I do not have a paper ready (except for my bus ticket that is so small to contain all those words in my mind) and it could make me feel dizzy if I bow my head and quit watching the view (this is one of my long time sickness, motion sickness, I still blow when I am seated at the wrong side of the bus, that is along the aisle). Then I would tell myself, "stay there, beautiful words, I am going to write you down once I am home." However, once I am home and my paper and pen are ready (or my netbook, whichever is applicable), the words are not there, it is as if I left them seated at the bus. Other time, it occurs when I am doing my thing. Words start to play around, both in English and in German. Then my inner self would say, "hey! It's beautiful to be written down. Make it fast and blog it away!" But after doing my thing and back in front of my netbook, the words and ideas were flushed away. Poor little me is left with nothing good to blog.

I really want to write. If only I can make this as my profession and have my pen and paper on 24/7 duty, I would love to do that for a living.

Someday, I can write a book that I would be proud of. I wish that "someday" would be tomorrow.

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